Bittium Tough VoIP Service™

Distributed VoIP service network for tactical use.


Bittium Tough VoIP Service creates a highly resilient, distributed digital voice service in a tactical network. Tough VoIP Service can rapidly adapt to changes in the network, and the network can be split or merged while maintaining the service available for all clients that are accessible. When network islands merge with the network, the clients will have core network connection automatically.


Designed for MANET Networks

Tough VoIP Service is designed to be operational in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks.

Easy Configuration

Requires only global parameters, no need to define network configuration for Tough VoIP Service nodes.

Seamless Connectivity

Connects users seamlessly across tactical and fixed networks.

Easy System Integration

Interoperability with 3rd party SIP VoIP services and VoIP clients.

Optimized for Tactical Networks

Optimized call features such as managed group calls, PTT calls, call prioritization (MLPP) and user mobility.

Bridging CNR to VoIP Networks

Enables voice communication between VoIP and CNR networks.

Use Case Examples

Tactical VoIP call services in the battlefield

Bridging different network technologies and vendor networks

Voice communication to CNR network (RoIP)

Presence status for Bittium Tough VoIP Softphone™ and Bittium Tough Comnode™

User and device mobility