Technology & Innovation

Bittium is a high-tech company specializing in Secure Connectivity, R&D Services, Tactical Communications and Medical Technologies.

Biosignal Monitoring and Analysing

Our expertise and know-how in biosignal monitoring started over thirty years ago, and the result is our current range of high-signal-processing quality offerings with comprehensive end-to-end solutions. Decades of honing our expertise in biosignal monitoring and processing have earned us a reputation as one of the most highly trusted providers of specialized tools for medical professionals.

Wireless Technologies

Bittium's extensive knowhow in wireless technologies is applicable to diverse use cases and industries.

Tactical Communications

Our expertise in tactical communications stems from long-term research and experience in commercial radio technologies, as well as cooperation with the Finnish Defence Forces, universities, research laboratories, and defense industry since the 1990s.


Bittium exists to make sure that you do not have to compromise security while striving for a seamless user experience. We know the ins and outs of the security and regulatory requirements, and carry this expertise over to our own and our customers software or hardware products.

Seamless and Secure Connectivity Program

Seamless and Secure Connectivity program aims at enabling trustworthy, secure, and resilient end-to-end connectivity architectures and products including life-cycle services in various domains.

Research Collaboration

Bittium's R&D is focused on Tactical communications, Device and network security, Specialized devices, Biosignal technology.