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From your idea to a commercial product

World-Class IoT Connectivity Solutions

As pioneers in the wireless industry since its inception, we can honestly say that we have been working in the IoT arena even before the term IoT was defined. We work in strong collaboration in turning your ideas into reality. Our experts adapt to the specific needs of your solution, match the right expertise for your needs and together we develop world-class solutions that serve real-world users and environments. We provide end-to-end development services and have the capability to deliver all the necessary components of the solution, including devices with wireless communication, built-in security and cloud connection capabilities. We also offer support and maintenance services during the whole product life cycle.

Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Devices with wireless connectivity, cloud connection, and security

High-Quality Embedded Design

Embedded design expertise covering all competence areas

End-to-End Security Development

Products and solutions with security built-in

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Jari Inget
Head of Engineering Services

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Smart, Connected Device Development in Cooperation with Your Own R&D. Together We Are Stronger.

High-Quality Embedded Design

As a trusted engineering partner, we can help you to accelerate the IoT industry evolution in designing reliable embedded connected devices that can operate also in harsh environments.

By leveraging our comprehensive expertise in sensor integration, power optimization, wearable device development and embedded software development (e.g. Yocto Linux and FreeRTOS), we are able to create new revolutionary IoT devices and solutions for industry-leading companies.

As the majority of our designs are for small form factor devices running on internal battery we have the knowledge to make right design solutions to ensure targeted operating time.

E2E Security Development

The strength of a chain is always defined by its weakest link. The same thing applies also to the security of an IoT system.

All parts of the system must have security built-in in order to secure the entire system. Bittium has decades of experience in how to design system level security from threat analysis, secure software boot process with hardware security into creating a secure zone when operating over cellular networks and internet.

Bittium SafeMove® product portfolio includes both secure connectivity and MDM solutions which can be integrated with customer’s systems.

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Over 35 Years of Experience

Trusted Partnership

Proven Know-How from 500+ Projects

Certified Services & Systems

Expertise for All Stages of Product Design

Transparent Way of Working