Mobile Cardiac Telemetry

For near real-time outpatient ECG monitoring.

Near real-time Outpatient ECG Monitoring

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry (MCT) is a form of outpatient monitoring where patients’ heartbeat information is sent wirelessly to the diagnostic center. Bittium Faros provides tools for successful MCT by automatically detecting cardiac abnormalities and by transmitting the data to the web portal for analysis.

Bittium’s remote cardiac monitoring solution, Bittium HolterPlus™, consists of a Bittium Faros ECG device and a dedicated mobile application integrated into a secure smart device. The service enables up to 30 days continuous remote monitoring outside the hospital. Remote monitoring allows for a quick response to potential problem situations. During an ECG recording, the patient can also report symptoms, activity, and sleep via a digital diary in the mobile application. The specialist can make daily checks on the patient's condition with the help of remote analysis tools and decide on the duration of the required recording period based on the received information.

Key Benefits

Bittium Faros™ ECG Devices

Cardiac arrhythmias are often episodic and difficult to detect in clinical environment. Bittium Faros™ is an ideal solution that provides full disclosure ambulatory ECG data/recording with intelligent arrhythmia detection. Whether executing daily chores, showering, or engaging in sports, the ultra-small and waterproof (IP67) Bittium Faros™ provides premium comfort during short or long-term cardiac monitoring.

Bittium HolterPlus™ - Remote Cardiac Monitoring Made Easy

Bittium HolterPlus™ bridges the gap between a Holter and implantable monitoring device by providing the possibility of extending the duration of a cardiac monitoring session. The daily data check and ECG analysis run, until a diagnosis can be provided. The ECG device is therefore worn as short as possible, but as long as necessary.

Bittium Cardiac Navigator™

Bittium Cardiac Navigator™ software is a flexible and versatile solution for performing clinical Holter ECG analysis. Its user-friendly and informative data presentation and intuitive analysis tools make the software efficient and easy to use when analyzing multiple days of ECG recordings.