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From your idea to a certified product with ISO 13485 certified engineering partner.

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Wireless solutions are transforming healthcare and we can help to develop your next-generation solution. As an ISO 13485 certified and trusted engineering partner, and expert in wireless technologies, we turn innovations into commercial connected products. Together we can shape the future of healthcare.

Highly Secure & Customized Wireless Connectivity Solutions

High-Quality Power-Optimized & Innovative Devices

Product Verification & Validation According to Medical Standards

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Secure Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Wireless solutions improve productivity and efficiency in healthcare by enabling mobility for both patients and caregivers. But with the increased use of such solutions, also the need for security is increasing.

We are your partner in creating secure and reliable wireless connectivity for embedded medical devices that can be operated in any environment - hospital, ambulatory and home. We support you to ensure the highly secure and reliable connectivity from the devices to the cloud keeps critical data safe.

Innovative Power-Optimized Devices

We help you to accelerate the medical device industry evolution as your engineering partner for innovative power-optimized devices varying from robust to small form-factor. Leverage our comprehensive expertise in sensor integration, reliable radio connectivity and wearable device and software development to enable new connected devices and solutions.

We can support you with high quality embedded design, integration and testing services, and both HW and SW expertise. Our radio and antenna expertise ensures maximum coverage and data throughputs even in complex multi-radio systems.

Standards-Based Product Verification & Validation

When you trust us to design your medical device according to your requirements, you can also trust us to verify and validate the product according to medical standards.

We have excellent in-house test laboratory capabilities for mechanical & environmental testing, antenna measurements, RF & signaling / protocol pre-conformance, and many additional areas. We can also handle pre-certification & certification for the products & solutions. Take a look at the video about the Bittium lab capabilities.

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