Bittium HolterPlus™ - Remote Cardiac Monitoring

Bittium HolterPlus™ is a web-based remote cardiac monitoring solution.

Remote Cardiac Monitoring Made Easy

Bittium HolterPlus™ bridges the gap between a Holter and implantable monitoring device by providing the possibility of extending the duration of a cardiac monitoring session. The daily data check and ECG analysis run, until a diagnosis can be provided. The ECG device is therefore worn as short as possible, but as long as necessary.

Main Benefits

Bittium HolterPlus™

  • Flexible wear time (up to 30 days)
  • Enables up to 30 days continuous remote monitoring outside the hospital.
  • Digital diary for reporting symptoms, activity, and sleep while ECG recording
  • Automatic and secure data transfer

Bittium HolterPlus Starter Kit Components

  • Bittium Faros™ 360 waterproof ECG monitor
  • Bittium Faros™ 5-electrode cable set
  • Bittium MedicalSuite™ Mobile Device
  • Bittium OmegaSnap™ ECG 1-CH Electrode (3 pcs)
  • Three (3) month license to Bittium MedicalSuite™ platform
  • Three (3) month license to Bittium Cardiac Navigator™ analysis software, online version