Bittium HolterPlus™ -
Remote Cardiac Monitoring 

Bittium HolterPlus™ is a web based remote cardiac monitoring solution.

Bittium HolterPlus™
- Bridging the Gap between Holter and Implantable Loop Recorder

Bittium HolterPlus is a web based remote cardiac monitoring solution for hospitals and clinics to handle remote Holter monitoring and related patient information. Bittium HolterPlus offers a complete diagnostic solution from ECG monitoring devices to ECG analyzes software thus enabling earlier discharge as it is possible for doctors to monitor their patients remotely.

Easy to Use Remote Cardiac Monitoring

Bittium HolterPlus patient monitoring solution is easy to use and to setup on the patient. The monitoring solution includes the small, lightweight and waterproof Bittium Faros™ ECG device and Bittium HolterPlus mobile application that can be used by the patient to enter additional information to a digitalized diary about symptoms, activity and sleep during the ECG recording period.

The Bittium Faros ECG monitoring device enables the doctor to select the optimal setup for the measurement with one or three channels. The patented mounting options enable measuring ECG discreetly under clothing with disposable snap-on electrodes (one or three channels), or with the unique Bittium FastFix™ wearable waterproof patch electrode.

Patented Mounting Options


Always Connected

Bittium HolterPlus solution is always connected to the internet. Whether monitoring a patient for short-term (24-48 hours) or long-term (up to 30 days), Bittium HolterPlus remote cardiac monitoring solution records and transmits every heart beat for a more precise diagnosis. The length of the monitoring period can be adjusted according to the findings during the monitoring period. The patient can be contacted and instructed to continue the monitoring if no findings have been made, or to stop the monitoring earlier once findings have been made and treatment can be started.

Advanced Information Sharing

Bittium HolterPlus web based medical remote diagnostics service platform stores the patient's full disclosure ECG recording. The platform enables patient's information to be accessed and shared by the treating doctor, ECG service provider and the analyzing cardiologists. The easily accessible web based medical remote diagnostics service platform facilitates and speeds up the patient care.

Analysis of ECG Recordings

The patient's recorded ECG information is analyzed with Bittium Cardiac Navigator™ and turned into a comprehensive report and treatment instructions by the cardiologist. The treating doctor can then access the web based medical remote diagnostics service platform for the report and treatment instructions to continue with the patient's treatment.

Easy, Fast and Secure Remote Cardiac Monitoring