Bittium Tactical Network Management™

Intuitive and visual system for managing tactical networks prior, during and after deployment

Plan, Manage & Analyse Tactical Networks Effectively

Bittium Tactical Network Management™ is a network management system and toolset optimized for Bittium's tactical communication networks and nodes.

The solution provides intuitive and visual tools for tactical network planning, real-time management of the networks and performance analysis based on big data collected from the network. This enables quick and effective deployment of the networks and successful operations.

The Tactical Network Management system supports Bittium Tactical Wireless IP Network™, Bittium Tough SDR™ and Bittium Tough Comnode™ networks and nodes.

Preparation - Operation - Analytics


Quick & Informed Deployment

Quick and informed deployment of tactical networks based on accurate planning

Real-Time Management

Real-time and reliable status view of the tactical networks

Effective Analysis

Analyze and debug issues effectively by recording and replaying network activities

Supported Networks & Nodes

The system supports Bittium TAC WIN, Bittium Tough SDR, and Bittium Tough Comnode networks and nodes.

Tactical Network Management also supports Bittium waveforms as well as Bittium Tough VoIP Service, a distributed VoIP service that is compatible with all the same nodes.

Bittium Tactical Management Suite™

Bittium Tactical Management Suite, including Bittium Tactical Network Management™ and Bittium Tactical Device Management™ systems, is the perfect solution for sovereign management of tactical communication devices and networks.