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Cutting-edge engineering services for purpose-built wearables

Unique, Purpose-Built Wearables

Bittium is your trusted engineering partner in developing innovative, high-quality, and reliable wearable devices. Our extensive experience from developing wearables for different use cases can help at every stage, from technology consulting and concept strategy to turnkey product development. With us, you are able to bring the new device to the market as planned.

Technologies & Materials to Impressive Wearables

Wireless Connectivity for Power Optimized Devices

High-Quality Medical Grade Devices

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Optimized Wireless Connectivity & Power Consumption

Combining Technologies & Materials as an Impressive Wearable Experience

We help you to develop innovative wearable devices by providing extensive know-how in all the relevant areas, including mechanics, sensor integration, and material selection. Our R&D team can support you with high-quality embedded design, HW, and SW expertise.

We offer joint and transparent development models, fast and cost-efficient production testing, as well as support for the whole product lifecycle. 

Wireless Connectivity for Power-Optimized Devices

Optimized wireless connectivity and power consumption are some of the most important considerations when developing innovative wearables for any use case.

Leverage our comprehensive expertise in radio and antenna technologies and experience from applying the know-how to wearable device development. We help to ensure maximum coverage and data throughputs for your wearable device.

High-Quality Medical Grade Devices

Our extensive experience from development of medical grade, connected devices helps to optimize the time-to-market of your new wearable. We are ISO 13485 certified and you can trust us to verify and validate the product according to the applicable medical standards. 

We have excellent in-house test laboratory capabilities for mechanical & environmental testing, antenna measurements, RF & signaling / protocol pre-conformance, and many additional areas. We can also handle pre-certification & certification for the products & solutions.

Development Partner for Major Brands

Bittium has proven track record from being the main R&D partner for several major brands in their wearable development projects. Our expertise has enabled development of high-quality, purpose-built wearables in cooperation with Philips and adidas, for example.

Bittium developed a wearable device together with Philips for measuring skin conductance and heart rate. From the skin conductance the device calculates the cortisol contribution, stress level, and cognitive performance of the user.

Bittium was the main development partner for adidas with their early sports wearables that were defining the market.

Benefits of Choosing Bittium as Your Partner

Over 35 Years of Experience

Trusted Partnership

Proven Know-How from 500+ Projects

Certified Services & Systems

Expertise for All Stages of Product Design

Transparent Way of Working