Management Systems

Management Systems describe Bittium management principles and policies from the point of views of quality, environmental and energy efficiency and security management as well as applied company level process frameworks and methods for continuous improvement.


Our purpose, vision, culture and values enhanced with our competencies and strategy create the successful path that leads us into the future. See more about Mission, Vision and Values.

Management and leadership includes development and communication of the mission, vision and values, policy and strategy, plans, objectives and targets to organizations and people to create a culture of Excellence. It also defines interaction with customers, partners and representatives of society and includes methods how the management systems are developed, implemented and continuously improved.

The purpose of our Management System and Processes is to give a clear and up-to-date description of management and process principles of Bittium. This section describes Bittium's management from the point of views of quality, environment, AQAP, medical, safety and security policies as well as basic process framework and methods for continuous improvement.

Bittium has ISO 9001.2015, ISO 14001.2015, EES+ (Energy Efficiency System), AQAP 2110 Revision D and ISO13485.2016 And ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certifications.


Quality Management

Quality Management System (ISO 9001)

Bittium ISO 9001:2015

AQAP-2110 Management - Defense Business

Bittium AQAP-2110

Medical Quality Management (ISO 13485)

Bittium ISO 13485:2016

Environmental Management

Environmental Management System (ISO 14001)

Bittium ISO 14001:2015

Energy Efficiency System (ISO 50001)

Bittium ISO 50001:2018

Security Management

Security Management System (ISO/IEC 27001:2013)

Bittium ISO/IEC 27001:2013