Seamless and Secure Connectivity Program

Develops an end-to-end seamless and secure connectivity and communication of the future.

Program Summary

Seamless and Secure Connectivity program aims at enabling trustworthy, secure, and resilient end-to-end connectivity architectures and products including life-cycle services in various domains. Business Finland has granted the program EUR 10 million development funding and, in addition, EUR 20 million funding for the ecosystem companies and research partners. The four-year program led by Bittium will last until 2026. Achieving the goal requires active co-operation with various public and private contributors, including e.g. network, application, terminal and other devices providers combined with the various software and technology solution providers.

Focus Themes

Program Ecosystem

The ecosystem of the Seamless and Secure Connectivity Program will develop seamless digital structures, infrastructure, systems, and processes as well as cyber resilience suitable for the current, advanced 5th generation (5G advanced) and future 6G environments. In order to reach this goal, the perspective of overall development, from devices to services in the entire chain, must be taken into account.

Program Management

Jari Partanen
Veturi Program Lead

Jussi Särkkä
D.Sc. (tech.) Ecosystem Development and Research

Jari Jauhiainen
Research Collaboration