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Possible Applications of ECG and HRV in the Field of Sports, Longevity, and Lifestyle Medicine

Join us for an exciting webinar on the possible applications of ECG and HRV in sports, longevity, and lifestyle medicine, led by renowned expert Dr. Lutz Graumann.

What's New

Bittium Respiro™ Receives CE Approval for the European Market

Bittium’s advanced Home Sleep Apnea Test and Analysis Solution, Bittium Respiro™, has received CE approval. Bittium Respiro™ is an end-to-end solution consisting of a measurement device, analysis software, tailored accessories, and a service platform.

What's New

Real-time EEG Enables New Applications for Medical Research and Technology

Combined solutions by sync2brain and Bittium help researchers and developers.

What's New

Bittium Faros™ 180L

The new Bittium Faros™ 180L ECG measuring device measures 14 consecutive days on a single battery charge, streamlining prolonged ECG monitoring in stroke patients, and improving diagnostic yield and patient compliance.

What´s New

Bittium Cardiac Navigator™ - Clinical Holter ECG Analysis

New version of Bittium Cardiac Navigator™ Analysis Software Detects AV Blocks and Speeds up the Analysis of Long-Term ECG Measurements.

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