Sustainability Management

The Board of Directors of Bittium Corporation discusses sustainability questions on the basis of the Management Group´s proposals, and the Audit Committee discusses and prepares responsibility questions.

Responsibility Organization and Risk Management

The Board of Directors of Bittium Corporation discusses sustainability questions on the basis of the Management Group´s proposals, and the Audit Committee discusses and prepares responsibility questions.

The Management Group discusses sustainability questions, monitors the effectiveness of sustainability measures and sets targets in the biannual management review. The Management Group is also responsible for implementing sustainability plans and measures in daily business.

Bittium also has a social sustainability working group that is responsible for monitoring and the impact assessment of responsibility measures, reporting, and risk management and assessment. The working group has six members: CEO, Chief Legal Officer, Director, Corporate Communications and Marketing, Director, Human Resources, CFO and Head of Quality, the Environment and Processes. The sustainability working group holds quarterly meetings and prepares the sustainability report. Bittium management and the Board of Directors review the sustainability report annually.

The sustainability report specifies the applicable methods that guarantee a sufficient level of diligence. The managing of risks related to operations and the operating environment as well as the processes are specified in the Bittium Corporate Governance Statement.

We Will Continue Developing Our Sustainability Work in 2019

Bittium will improve its sustainability management in the coming years. In 2019 we will conduct a stakeholder survey based on which we will make a materiality analysis in order to better take account of the needs of our stakeholders. At the same time we will review our sustainability focus areas and define goals and indicators for each of them. We aim at releasing our sustainability program in 2020.

Stakeholder Cooperation

Bittium´s operations affect many different stakeholders. Understanding their views and expectations is important for our operations and success. Open dialogue with our stakeholders helps us to develop our operations, products and solutions as well as the way in which we, as a company, can seek goal-oriented solutions to social challenges.

Bittium works in cooperation with national as well as international stakeholders. Our stakeholders include our employees, customers, different actors and other third parties, partners, the authorities, shareholders and analysts as well as different communities. Our stakeholder-related activities are guided by good management practice as well as our ethical principles and Code of Conduct.


We arrange several different staff events each year where our employees get the opportunity to ask questions and give feedback. In addition to this, we receive feedback from our staff via the anonymous annual employee survey. Equal treatment and open interaction are important to our employees. What they want from us is interesting and meaningful tasks and the chance for professional growth.


We get constant feedback from our customers, primarily by continuously staying in touch with them and via various annual surveys. The Scrum and Agile methods that we use support ongoing monitoring and open dialogue. This enables us to quickly tackle and react to potential problems. Our customers value competitive and reliable products and services as well as our sustainable way of working.

Suppliers and Partners

When it comes to our suppliers and other partners, we have often worked with them in close cooperation for a long time following established rules and ways of working. Constant communication enables open dialogue. Our suppliers and partners expect from us fair and sustainable operations and long-time cooperation. As for us, we expect our suppliers and partners to work in a sustainable way, and we monitor this on a regular basis.


Bittium keeps a regular line of communication open towards the authorities, for example, with regard to export control and data security issues. We regularly monitor our compliance with the laws and regulations. Applying them to our business operations requires open and ongoing interaction with the authorities.

Local Cooperation

As part of our sustainable corporate citizenship, Bittium actively collaborates with different communities. We meet the expectations of different communities in a variety of ways. We regularly support educational institutions and schools to introduce young students to working life – and not forgetting the teachers. Thanks to this collaboration, we are also able to recruit new and enthusiastic graduates. Research and development cooperation with companies and research institutions extends our competencies and makes it possible to mutually promote development.

Shareholders and Investors

Shareholders, investors and analysts expect Bittium to provide long-term value and act in a sustainable manner. We hold discussions with them at different events and the annual general meeting.