DevOps Expertise

Transforming software development from a jigsaw puzzle to a race car

Expertise for Automated Software Development

We utilize DevOps in all our world-class development projects, both in customer projects and internal R&D projects, which is why we have gained first-hand experience and knowledge of the best possible DevOps approaches. With us, you save time and stay on budget by maintaining a predictable and consistent development rate.

Embedded DevOps Expertise

Proven Tools & Methods

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Embedded DevOps Expertise

Our unique value is DevOps for embedded software systems and security in software. We have deep embedded DevOps knowledge and design world-class solutions by utilizing DevOps methods. Our DevOps practices are based on delivering quality through high utilization of open source automation tools and are always built with security considerations as one of the guiding design principles.

Proven Tools & Methods

We have an extensive track record of building modern tools and toolchains which enable DevOps from the software/hardware development level to reporting to the top management of our customers.

We are certified with the following Quality, Environmental Management and Information Security Management standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AQAP 2110 ed.3, ISO 27001, and ISO 13485.