Software Development

Specialized expertise in embedded software

High Quality Software Development

We can help your project with software development expertise. We specialize in embedded, application, and FPGA software development, and provide solutions also for test automation. Our experience in the field of embedded devices builds a foundation to provide high quality software development services to all embedded software needs, from ultra-tiny wearable devices to high-end embedded systems with rich graphical UI.

Competence in Several Operating Systems

Development for Any Use Case

Seamless Cooperation Across Engineering Disciplines

Embedded Software

We have competence in several operating systems including Android, various Linux distributions, RTOS (e.g. Nucleus, FreeRTOS, OpenWRT, Zephyr), Windows (PC), and can handle even the most demanding tasks like device drivers and base porting efficiently. We create software solutions to fulfill your needs whatever your use case is.

Our way of working consists of using agile tools and processes as well as leveraging CITA (Continuous Integration & Test Automation) to further increase quality and provide full visibility.

In addition to pure software development, our software teams are experienced in working together with hardware/RF design teams. From supporting component selections, hardware design and board bring-ups to manufacturing and testing, this experience enables seamless cooperation across multiple engineering disciplines throughout the development project.

Applications Software

We execute scalable software development in-house with state of the art CITA (Continuous Integration & Test Automation) system. We have expertise in Service Design, UI & UX development, graphics & usability related development. We handle the actual software development in-house and can be a one stop shop for you. Our application software development is not limited to embedded devices only as also the web-based applications can be developed.

As a reference, see our own software products:

FPGA Software

Our FPGA design teams have been working on cutting-edge programmable logic design for embedded systems since the birth of the company over 35 years ago.

We have a diverse skill set covering the entire design process: from design conception, specification and implementation to verification, integration and validation. We have also the capability to design customer specific hardware.

Designs have been successfully completed in a number of applications from the simplest I/O expander to the battery powered software defined radio including implementations for 5G and NB-IoT.

Cloud Software

Our expertise spans design of secure and scalable cloud systems that can be hosted also in our own infrastructure located in Finland. We have the capability to provide these same secure cloud systems in your private cloud or in public cloud environments. The cloud systems we provide, benefit from our expertise on continuous integration and knowhow of DevOps which enables easy maintainability and always up-to-date cloud services in all hosted environments.