Tactical Management

Solutions for secure, easy, and effective network and device management.

Manage Tactical Devices & Networks from Depot to Deployment

With Bittium's advanced tactical communication devices and systems it is possible to form tactical networks that provide resilient connectivity and best performance across the battlefield.

For taking Bittium's devices and networks from depot to deployment and beyond, take advantage of Bittium Tactical Management Suite™, including Bittium Tactical Device Management™ and Bittium Tactical Network Management™ systems. The systems provide advanced tools for secure and effective device and network management.

Secure Management of Tactical Devices Prior, During and After Deployment

Bittium Tactical Device Management™ (TDM) is an advanced and easy-to-use management system for Bittium's tactical communication devices, including at the first stage Bittium Tough SDR™ radios.

TDM can be used to easily initialize and prepare the radios for missions, and manage the radios effectively also during operations.

Effective Planning, Management & Analysis of Tactical Networks

Bittium Tactical Network Management™ is a network management toolset optimized to be used with Bittium's tactical networks and nodes.

The solution provides intuitive and visual tools for tactical network planning, real-time management of the networks and performance analysis based on big data collected from the network. This enables quick and effective deployment of the networks and successful operations.


Preparation for Missions

Easy preparation of tactical devices and networks for missions.

Management During Operations

Effective and easy management of tactical devices and networks. 

Security for All Stages

Sustain the chain of security for tactical devices by minimizing the possibility for human errors and security breaches.