Secure Communications for Utilities

Security for Any Network and Environment

Bittium offers solutions that are designed to provide reliable and secure communications and connectivity wherever it is needed. We provide secure smartphones, their back-end system, and secure always-on connectivity ensuring data integrity at every point.

Whether it is private LTE, critical infrastructure or industrial-grade networks, your organization benefits from Bittium's solutions: secure Bittium Tough Mobile™ 2 smartphones, Bittium Secure Suite™ device management and encryption software, Bittium Secure Call™ application, and Bittium SafeMove® Mobile VPN.

Proven Security

Secure smartphones and connectivity meeting even the strictest security standards. Solutions are trusted by organizations in over 50 countries.


Choose the right mobile device and software solutions based on the level of security and services you need. Integration to your existing environment is made easy by Bittium.

Hosted Service or Turnkey Solution

Choose whether you want to have the service hosted by Bittium or take full control of the solution in your premises. Training and additional services according to your needs.

Private LTE

1. Designed from the ground up to support relevant LTE bands and for use in isolated private LTE networks 

2. Supports application distribution and management (MDM/MAM)

3. All features are designed for use in isolated networks without depending on cloud services

4. Roaming between private and public networks, using dual-SIM dual-standby features

Critical Infrastructure

1. Resilient connectivity - optimized, durable and encrypted connection, even over unreliable networks

2. All network traffic protected by validated VPN and firewalls

3. Enables use of critical communication applications (MCPTT, MCVideo) with a purpose built mobile device supporting programmable buttons for Push-to-Talk, emergency etc.

Industrial-Grade Networks

1. Secure remote control of automation networks

2. Connections that are intermittent and at the edge of a coverage area, can quickly be restored

3. Supports several platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Android

4. Fully functional in isolated and air-gapped networks


“Reliable, easy to use field connectivity is key to our mobile workforce. The Bittium SafeMove® solution gives us unprecedented visibility into the performance of our ToughPad devices and the available networks allowing our team to optimize device settings and select the best networks available. With connectivity now above 95% we are seeing significant improvement in our service levels.”

Adrian Capp, Mobile Systems Manager, UK Power Networks