Wireless Technologies

Bittium's extensive knowhow in wireless technologies is applicable to diverse use cases and industries.

At the Core of Bittium's Expertise

Since the establishment of Bittium in 1985, know-how of radio technologies has been one of the core elements of our expertise, and is a key factor in today's wirelessly connected solutions. Over the decades, we have provided our expertise as an R&D partner to even thousands of different wirelessly connected products, and more recently to a wide range of our own products.

Mobile Telecommunications

Bittium has been at the forefront of telecom development for decades and supports its customers in their product development. 

At the moment, the implementation of 5G is accelerating and 6G is already raising its head. Investments in developing new features continue, and the importance of software development in the 5G network development expands. There is a wide range of frequencies allocated for the 5G technology, thus creating the need to develop multiple products to cover the market and creating demand for the development of product variants.

Mobile Communications

Since the start-up of the GSM standard in the 1990s, Bittium has applied its expertise in mobile communications. We have come far since those days, and now we apply our expertise of wireless technologies in secure mobile communication solutions, including the latest ultra secure smartphone Bittium Tough Mobile 2.

Security is  one of the key concerns in mobile communications and Bittium is setting new standards especially in secure communications by authorities.


Bittium has been at the forefront of IoT device design since the early days of Internet of Things. Bittium is a trusted partner to device developers from start-ups to major brands and from all industries. We excel in all aspects of device design, including hardware, software, mechanics, RF, and antenna design, as well as product integration, testing, certification, and transfer to production.

Satellite Communications

Bittium applies its over 35 years of experience from advanced radio communication technologies and wireless device development also to satellite communications. 

Bittium has supplied its customers with turnkey product development, including world's first satellite/3G (Terrestar Genus) and satellite/4G smartphones (Mexsat). In addition, we have cooperated with ESA and NASA in numerous research projects over the years.

Wireless technology expertise adapted to specific needs


Standardization is key to accelerating device development and system compatibility.

The 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) unites seven telecommunications standard development organizations (ARIB, ATIS, CCSA, ETSI, TSDSI, TTA, TTC) for the development of specifications that define 3GPP technologies. The project covers cellular telecommunications technologies, including Radio Access Networks (RAN), Services & Systems Aspects (SA), as well as Core Network & Terminals (CT), thus providing a complete system description for mobile telecommunications. The first 3GPP release was published in 2013 and currently the releases are already approaching the number 20.

As a member of the 3GPP workgroups, Bittium is actively working on the current standard updates and uses the expertise to develop it's own products, and offers device developers with insights and expertise on implementation options.