Bittium Tough Comnode™

Versatile IP and VoIP communications device for tactical communications

VoIP and IP Communications for the Battlefield

Bittium Tough Comnode is a versatile and rugged communications device for tactical networks. The device fulfils the data transfer needs for mobile troops for example as SIP phone, router and SHDSL modem.

Bittium Tough VoIP Service™ can be run on the device to provide telephony and SIP server functionalities to other VoIP devices for accessing the VoIP network. Bittium Tough Comnode also provides wireless access point for mobile clients and enables using legacy Combat Net Radios (CNR) as part of the IP-based tactical communication system (Radio over IP, RoIP).



The same device acts as a terminal, IP router, field wire repeater, CNR gateway and SIP server.

Portable and Easy to Install

Small size and rugged form factor makes it easy to install anywhere and it is portable on the field.

Extensive Connectivity

Extensive connectivity with e.g. CNR interface, SHDSL, ETH, USB, WLAN, Bluetooth®, SERIAL/AUDIO and GPS.

Military Grade IP Communications

Together with distributed VoIP service, Bittium Tough VoIP Service™, and wide range of codecs.

Network Reliability

Dynamic routing capabilities improve network reliability.

Easy Network and Node Management

Tough Comnode networks and nodes can be managed with the intuitive and visual Bittium Tactical Network Management™ system.

Use Case Examples

Rugged VoIP Phone

Rugged VoIP phone in the field for wired (SHDSL/ETH) and wireless (WLAN) connections

Use Case Examples

Intercom Usage

Intercom usage with integrated Bittium Tough VoIP Service™


Blue Force Tracking

Blue force tracking application for legacy CNR

Use Case Examples


Gateway between CNR network and VoIP service

Use Case Examples

Access Point

SHDSL network access point

Use Case Examples

Tactical IP Network

Fully independent tactical IP network and interoperability with tactical IP networks

Technical Highlights

Custom OLSR in tactical networks

Automatic IP address configuration

Direct calls without external server

Connectivity to 3rd party SIP servers and VoIP clients

Traffic classification and priority queues

Military standards compliant

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