R&D Services for Mobile Satellite CommunicationsR&D Services for Mobile Satellite Communi- cations

Product development for mobile devices with satellite and terrestrial connectivity.

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Many businesses, governmental organizations and individuals require secure and reliable means for communicating in remote locations and challenging environments. To be able to communicate effectively, there is a need to connect to both terrestrial and satellite networks.

Bittium applies its over 35 years of experience from advanced radio communication technologies and wireless device development to satellite communications in the form of  the development of advanced mobile satellite user terminals for next-generation, IP-based satellite and terrestrial networks.

We deliver full turnkey, certified solutions based on our Android expertise for satellite/terrestrial user terminals, and you as our customer can focus on your core business. We can provide also our own product for device management to assure a fully secure solution.

Turnkey Product Development

Terminals for satellite communications based on a unique, secure and proven product platform.

Latest Smartphone Features

Latest commercial smartphone features in a small, lightweight form factor.


Hardware and software-based security, including device management.

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Head of R&D Services, Connectivity Solutions

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Project Examples

World's First Satellite/4G Smartphone

Turnkey development and volume production of Mexsat satellite/4G hybrid user terminals.

World's First Satellite/3G Smartphone

Turnkey development of TerreStar Genus.

Research Projects for ESA and NASA

Cooperation in numerous research projects during the past 20 years.

MIMO HW Satellite Antenna Demonstrator

Satellite/WiFi Broadcast Module


Reference Case - Mexsat

Mexsat is a Mexican government program that provides satellite communication services over Mexico and its patrimonial seas, including the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. The Mexsat system is composed of two types of services: a Mobile Communications Service System, served by one dedicated satellite with its complete terrestrial components; and a Fixed Communications Service System, including one dedicated satellite and specific carrier monitoring equipment.

The communication system, including the mobile devices developed by Bittium, is targeted to high profile Mexican government agencies and using the system will also enhance Mexico's communication capabilities for example in disaster relief and emergency services.

For the Mexsat program Bittium has developed three different types of Android™ based L-band mobile devices:

  • Satellite-terrestrial Smartphone
  • Satellite-terrestrial  Rugged Enhanced
  • Satellite Rugged Basic

The satellite-terrestrial phones can be operated in both the satellite network and the terrestrial network. The users do not have to carry two separate devices with them, and establishing communications through either network is quick and easy.