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Click to openBittium Faros 360 and 180 waterproof versions (IP67)
Bittium Faros Firmware H 01.08.2022 270 KB zip
Click to openBittium Faros 180 L waterproof version (IP67)
Bittium Faros Firmware I 01.08.2022 278 KB zip
Click to openBittium Faros non-waterproof versions
Bittium Faros Firmware G 13.01.2020 155 KB zip
Click to openLatest Software
Click to openBittium Faros Manager (360, 180, 180L waterproof versions, IP67)
Bittium Faros Manager 15.12.2021 67.27 MB zip
Click to openBittium Faros Manager (non-waterproof versions)
Bittium Faros Manager 22.03.2021 14.11 MB zip
Click to openEDF Viewer Software
EDF Viewer v1.0.14 13.01.2020 57.44 MB zip
Click to openManuals
Bittium Faros Manual.pdf 21.06.2022 2.27 MB pdf
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EEGLAB Reader plug-in (.zip) 17.06.2021 506 KB zip

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