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Elektrobit Group Oyj - Visions of future in electronics industry

February 10, 2000

Visions of future in electronics industry

JOT Automation Group Oyj
Opening seremony of Oulunsalo Facilities

JOT Automation Group Oyj open new facilities today in Oulunsalo, Oulu Area.

Oulu Area is more an more important place for Finnish electronics industry being one of the areas of biggest growth in Finland and at the same time important place for development of electronics products and actual electronics manufacturing.

Products of JOT Automation are part of the electronics manufacturing process from SMT handling to testing automation systems and automatic and manual assembly and increasingly to systems of packing, storaging and logistics.

In the future E - Commerce will change product and service concepts of electronics industry. E - Commerce will have an effect to electronics manufacturing processes by enabling demand-supply chain and material flow re-organization and serving fastened and individual customer demand. Control of distribution networks is evitable, as development is going to be fast in the future.

Wireless applications are going to be expanded rapidly also in the field of production automation by fastening utilization and ramp-up processes of production with help of control and information systems. Utilization of wireless manufacturing applications is requiring research and definitions compared to traditional applications.

JOT has concluded an agreement of co-operations with Swisslog Holding Ag to-day in order to develop supply chain management of electronics industry Swisslog is an international global company, employing approximately 3,300 people in 22 countries. Swisslog operates in the field of logistics automation company providing comprehensive solutions for achieving supply chain excellence in a wide range of industries i.e in knowledge management, software and integrated systems solutions.

Goal of JOT Automation Group is to form together with co-operation partners Siemens, ABB, Hewlett - Packard and Swisslog a remarkable network in the filed of electronics production automation. Benefits of synercan be seen in technology, marketing and distribution co-operation.

Another goal is to be an internationally remarkable industrial brand, that customer experience a natural choice, a well-known amongst strategic decision makers and to be most attractive company for partners and employees in the operation field.

Oulunsalo, February 10, 2000

JOT Automation Group Plc
The Board of Directors

Jorma Terentjeff
President, CEO