Bittium Cellular IoT Solution

Solution that enables direct connection to cloud with global coverage using LTE-M1 and NB-IoT standards.

Software Solution that Provides Faster Time to Market with Lower Cost

In today's connected world, independent connection to back-end system is typically a mandatory requirement. Also, in many use cases, there is a need for mobility which means that solution must be small; embedded and battery powered device. These can be addressed with a cellular connection using LTE/5G standards which is the only viable and future-proof solution.

Multiple Benefits with Direct Connection to Cloud

No Need for a Routing Device

Eliminate the need for another device, mainly gateway, which simplifies the system, lowers overall cost, gives real mobility, and enhances the user experience. All of us can relate with the struggle of entering Wi-Fi passwords and pairing BT devices.

Process Data on the Cloud/Edge

Data coming the from the device can be processed in cloud/edge, which can e.g. change data protocol to be compatibe with different cloud systems. No need to update device software that is already deployed on the field, just update cloud/edge software instead.

New Possibilities with Data

Data where you need it, when you need it. In many existing systems, data is gathered and processed locally only. By collecting all the data directly to the cloud, gives the possibility to utilize all the data, create new services for customers and even new business models.

Upgrade Your IoT Device with Cellular Connectivity

Supports Main Needs on the Market

Update existing obsolete 2G/3G connectivity to the latest 4G/5G IoT connectivity. Typical use cases are e.g. asset tracking, remote monitoring and control (gas, water, electricity, heating, cooling), alarming (fire, intruder).

Replace existing local area wireless connectivity, like BT/Wi-Fi, or wired ethernet to the latest 4G/5G IoT connectivity and remove the need for a gateway. Typical devices are e.g. wearable devices, home appliances, diagnostics devices.

New product development with latest 4G/5G IoT connectivity optimized for your use case. Custom built device with latest technologies gives you the optimal product (size, price, operating time) with lowest operating costs.

Modular Solution Minimizing the Need for Hardware Changes

Bittium Cellular IoT Solution is a modular software solution that runs inside an operator approved certified modem module. This approach minimizes needs from the host hardware and offloads cloud processing and communication stack software from the host system. 

The modular structure of the software enables straightforward portability to cellular modem modules, which supports the application software running inside the module. Modules with this support are available from Nordic, U-Blox, Quectel, Telit and others.

Modem module adaptation work contains mainly updating the modem hardware and firmware adaptation part of the software solution (Modem Manager Module). Bittium's current solution is running on Nordic nRF9160 modem module with CAT-M1 and NB-IoT cellular connectivity.

Re-Usable Software Modules

Host Communication Module

Architectural adaptation layer to the host system. Enables isolated adaptation to the host system hardware and software minimizing the changes for the system.

Modem Manager Module

Modem activity orchestrator with actual modem hardware and firmware adaptation. Modem manager controls the actual modem, modem state, LTE recovery and governs the activities of the Host Communication Module and Cloud Client Module.

Cloud Client Module

Communication module to the cloud/edge. Cloud Client Module adapts the data, event, task, and control communication from the host system to the target cloud infrastructure and selected protocols. Cloud Client Module uses modem's trusted environment for the communication security.

Traditional vs New Software Architecture