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November 11, 2022

Bittium Exhibits its Innovative Products and Solutions for Neuroscience at Neuroscience 2022 Conference

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Free for publication on November 11, 2022, at 10.00 a.m. (CET +1)

Bittium Exhibits its Innovative Products and Solutions for Neuroscience at Neuroscience 2022 Conference

Oulu, Finland, November 11, 2022 – Bittium exhibits its innovative products and solutions for neurology at the Neuroscience 2022 Conference on November 12-16 in San Diego, United States. The event is organized by the Society for Neuroscience which is the world’s largest organization of scientists and physicians devoted to understanding the brain and the nervous system. Bittium has over 10 years of experience with applications for neurophysiology while the company has developed, for example, an electroencephalography (EEG) solution for TMS-EEG (EEG used during Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation) and fMRI-EEG (EEG used during Magnetic Resonance Imaging) applications.

At the event, Bittium will showcase Bittium NeurOne™ EEG/ERP system for brain electrical activity measurement and the wireless Bittium BrainStatus™ EEG amplifier and electrode headband meant for real-time brain electrical activity monitoring. Bittium Faros™ cardiac ECG signal measuring and monitoring device will also be on display.

Products and solutions exhibited at the event are:

  • Bittium NeurOne™ is an EEG/ERP device aimed at research use, which, due to its MDD approval, is also suitable for patient research projects. The system is suitable for use together with transcranial magnetic stimulators (TMS-EEG), and its use during magnetic resonance imaging is possible (fMRI-EEG). Thanks to its real-time digital output, the streamed EEG data can be used, for example, to time TMS stimulation in terms of the occurrence of an EEG phenomenon with millisecond accuracy ("closed-loop stimulation").
  • Bittium BrainStatus™ is a wireless compact EEG amplifier that is used together with a disposable, easy, and quick-to-wear Bittium BrainStatus electrode headband, allowing rapid initiation of EEG measurements in the ICU. BrainStatus™ enables EEG measurement to be initiated by nursing personnel in just a few minutes, truly enabling EEG monitoring of a large patient population in the ICU also during on-call time.
  • Bittium Faros™ is a versatile waterproof ECG device that is used for the early detection of cardiac abnormalities. Bittium Faros is ultra-small and lightweight, which enables precise full disclosure of ECG measurements for long-term holtering, cardiac event monitoring, mobile cardiac telemetry, and assessing the autonomic nervous system functions. Bittium Faros outpatient monitoring solutions include several software options for cardiac monitoring. The built-in arrhythmia detection algorithms on the Bittium Faros device are used for event recording and cardiac event monitoring. Bittium´s solutions enable the earlier discharge of patients and the ability to react to detected arrhythmias faster.
  • Bittium OmegaSnap™ patch electrodes support one (1-CH), two (2-CH), and three-channel (3-CH) ECG measurements in combination with the Bittium Faros™ ECG device. The OmegaSnap electrodes have been designed with special emphasis on user comfort and they allow for a patient-friendly way to perform continuous ECG measurements for up to 7 days without the need of changing the electrode. The patch electrodes with excellent anatomical fit and high-quality signal are very comfortable to use. Being disposable, they enable a very hygienic way of performing measurements safely, especially during epidemics.

Bittium’s products and solutions are exhibited at stand 728.

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Senior Vice President, Medical Technologies Business Unit
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In the field of healthcare technology, Bittium offers solutions for the measurement and monitoring of biosignals in the areas of cardiology, neurophysiology, and sports medicine. In addition, Bittium specializes in the development of reliable, secure communications and connectivity solutions, leveraging its 35-year legacy of expertise in advanced radio communication technologies. Bittium provides innovative products and services, and customized solutions based on its product platforms and R&D services. Net sales in 2021 were EUR 86.9 million and operating profit was EUR 3.2 million. Bittium is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.