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December 03, 2020

New version of Bittium Cardiac Navigator™ Analysis Software Significantly Enhances the Detection of P-wave and Atrial Fibrillation

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Free for release on December 3, 2020 at 10.00 a.m. (CET +1)

New version of Bittium Cardiac Navigator™ Analysis Software Significantly Enhances the Detection of P-wave and Atrial Fibrillation  

Oulu, Finland, December 3, 2020 – Bittium, a leading specialist for secure communications, connectivity, and medical technology solutions, releases a new version of Bittium Cardiac Navigator™ Holter ECG Analysis Software. The new Bittium Cardiac Navigator™ 1.4. Software version brings improvements to the P-wave detection. This will enhance the analysis accuracy of atrial fibrillation. The new version includes also minimum and maximum heart rate handling associated with arrhythmias, and the ability to automatically re-classify detected arrhythmias. Users, who use multiple displays in their work, will now be able to place the full disclosure view on the second screen. This will make it easier to visualize the findings of the recording period and speed up the measurement process. The server version of Bittium Cardiac Navigator™ 1.4 now supports HL7-compliant messaging, which allows it to be more closely integrated into hospital information systems.

"Cardiac Navigator is used by numerous Faros ECG sensor customers. The new software version of Navigator is now even more efficient and user-friendly. On top of the algorithm and analysis tool improvements, we have developed the reporting tool so that customer organizations can customize the report templates for their brand. The software also offers a tool for adding and editing user-specific narrative phrases, which makes reporting significantly easier and faster", says Arto Pietilš, Senior Vice President, Bittium Medical Technologies.

Bittium Cardiac Navigator™ software solution is designed for analyzing clinical Holter ECG recordings. Based on recordings, the software provides information about the electrical cardiac activity of the heart, and in particular, about arrhythmia and other exceptional events. Its user-friendly and informative data presentation and intuitive analysis tools make the software efficient and easy to use when analyzing multiple days of ECG recordings. The software allows for scanning long measurements efficiently in a shorter time, thus speeding up the final diagnosis.

Bittium Cardiac Navigator™ software is immediately available for installation. More information on the offering: and [email protected] .

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Arto Pietilš
Senior Vice President, Medical Technologies
Tel. +358 (0)40 3443507


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