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May 26, 2020

Bittium MedicalSuite™ Remote Monitoring Service Platform Simplifies Secure Exchange of Medical Data

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Free for release on May 26, 2020 at 9.00 am (CEST +1)

Bittium MedicalSuite™ Remote Monitoring Service Platform Simplifies Secure Exchange of Medical Data

Oulu, Finland, May 26, 2020 – Bittium, a leading specialist for secure communications, connectivity and medical technology solutions, launches an advanced remote monitoring service platform that utilizes wireless data transfer to enhance medical remote diagnostics services. Bittium MedicalSuite™ web-based service platform is mainly aimed at service providers to facilitate secure information sharing and workflow management between service providers, clinics and specialists. Currently the system supports cardiac monitoring services, but the same technology can be applied to any biosignal measurements, such as brain monitoring and home sleep apnea testing services. The system is a combination of intelligent data transfer, analysis, reporting and management modules which can be optimized according to customer's needs. The easy to use web user interface allows dashboard customization for different user groups, which ensures effortless workflow and improves efficiency. Data transfer is secured with Bittium SafeMove® VPN software , which uses strong encryption algorithms to guarantee the confidentiality, privacy, and integrity of communications.

Bittium MedicalSuite™ service platform can be used to manage Holter monitoring services for long-term ECG recording and analysis. The service platform is also optimized for wireless HolterPlus remote monitoring use. Bittium HolterPlus™ is a remote monitoring solution that consists of Bittium Faros™ ECG recorder, Bittium MedicalSuite™ mobile device, and access to the web portal. It makes it possible to discharge the patient earlier and to transfer the ECG measurement data wirelessly and securely from the monitoring device to the medical remote diagnosis service platform. The cardiologist can check the patient's condition on a daily basis with the help of MedicalSuite's remote analysis tools and decide on the duration of the required recording period based on the received information. The remote diagnostics services provided by cardiologists are available regardless of the customer clinic's and the attending physician's location, enabling faster and more efficient treatment of the patients.

User and device management as well as reporting are centrally managed with MedicalSuite™ BackOffice tool. In addition to creating and managing accounts, the Business User account offers accurate insights on the service usage and the customer statistics are immediately available for forecasting, reporting and invoicing as well as device stock management.

"Remote patient monitoring along with remote diagnostics increase the efficiency of healthcare operations and the use of resources, as well as reduce costs when specialist diagnoses are quickly available regardless of time and place", says Arto Pietilä, Senior Vice President, Bittium Medical Technologies. "Remote monitoring can be carried out completely at home environment, which is a great relief, especially in the current quarantine conditions. Remote monitoring also allows for a quick response to potential problem situations."

Bittium MedicalSuite™ is mainly aimed at service providers, such as cardiac monitoring service centers and hospitals. The service includes licenses for Bittium MedicalSuite™ service platform, Bittium Cardiac Navigator™ ECG analysis software and Bittium MedicalSuite™ BackOffice tool. Maintenance and support are based on the service agreement.

Bittium MedicalSuite™ platform is immediately available for testing and installation. More information on the solution:

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Arto Pietilä
Senior Vice President, Medical Technologies
Tel. +358 (0)40 3443507


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Bittium specializes in the development of reliable, secure communications and connectivity solutions, leveraging its 30 year legacy of expertise in advanced radio communication technologies. Bittium provides innovative products and services, customized solutions based on its product platforms and R&D services. In the field of healthcare technology, Bittium offers solutions for the measurement and monitoring of biosignals in the areas of cardiology, neurophysiology, rehabilitation, occupational health and sports medicine. Net sales in 2019 were EUR 75.2 million and operating profit was EUR 6.3 million. Bittium is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.