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November 14, 2019

Bittium and Preventice Solutions Share Progress of Strategic Partnership in the US Cardiac Monitoring Market

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Bittium and Preventice Solutions Share Progress of Strategic Partnership in the US Cardiac Monitoring Market

Partnership leverages Bittium's technology along with Preventice's expertise in 24/7 remote cardiac monitoring and patient experience

Oulu, Finland, and Minnesota, U.S. November 14, 2019 – Bittium and Preventice Solutions have developed a strong working partnership in the US cardiac monitoring market. Bittium provides its high-end Faros ECG technology that together with Preventice has been developed and advanced to enhance physician and patient experience in remote cardiac monitoring. Preventice Solutions is the exclusive US sales and marketing distributor for Bittium's ECG device technology, known as BodyGuardianŽ MINI family of ECG sensors, which records, stores all continuous electrocardiography waveforms, and provides Holter, Cardiac Event Monitoring and Mobile Cardiac Telemetry. The sensors are supported with a 24/7 remote monitoring services. The result of this partnership is a comprehensive solution that connects patients threatened by cardiac arrhythmias with their healthcare provider and facilitates the diagnosis of arrhythmias, which often occur sporadically making them difficult to capture.

The collaboration started in February 2018 and it has been strengthened with further development of the world's first 16-day IP67 ECG arrhythmia monitor designed to enhance wearability through ease-of-use and comfort. The BodyGuardianŽ MINI family of sensors are the smallest, truly waterproof, reusable monitors that can be moved and reapplied by the patients, allowing them to go about their daily activities without interruption. Unlike many other remote sensors, the BodyGuardianŽ MINI utilizes Preventice's innovative wearable patch which is optimized for better compliance. Due to its small size, and ability to be placed centrally on the chest, BodyGuardianŽ MINI can optimally and proportionally capture the P-wave.

 "We are proud of our partnership with Bittium and to join forces on additional areas of mutual strategic interest," said Jon Otterstatter, CEO of Preventice Solutions. "We will leverage the capabilities of both companies to bring an innovative simpler technology that offers a comfortable experience for patients and empowers clinicians with timely, data-driven decisions in an actionable, seamless way. We look forward to the ongoing collaboration that we are confident will continue to raise the bar on the potential for remote cardiac monitoring"

 "Preventice Solutions is one of the largest cardiac monitoring service providers in the US, and this partnership has been very fruitful. We consider our cooperation tremendously important also in regards to the further development of our Faros ECG technology. Bittium's over 30-years of experience in biosignal processing enables the all-in-one ECG technology to exist in a lightweight, waterproof and smoothly designed form with superior signal quality. Together with Preventice we can provide the best cardiac monitoring solution to the US healthcare market", said Hannu Huttunen, CEO of Bittium.

The collaboration between Bittium and Preventice Solutions was initially announced in February 2018 (Read the release here ). Both companies have the same strategic intent for long-term partnership and they will to continue the collaboration to strengthen the market position in the US market for cardiac monitoring.

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Hannu Huttunen
CEO, Bittium Corporation
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Bittium specializes in the development of reliable, secure communications and connectivity solutions, leveraging its 30 year legacy of expertise in advanced radio communication technologies. Bittium provides innovative products and services, customized solutions based on its product platforms and R&D services. In the field of healthcare technology, Bittium offers solutions for the measurement and monitoring of biosignals in the areas of cardiology, neurophysiology, rehabilitation, occupational health and sports medicine. Net sales in 2018 were EUR 62.8 million and operating profit was EUR 2.8 million. Bittium is listed on Nasdaq Helsinki.

Preventice Solutions

Preventice Solutions is a leading developer of mobile health solutions and remote monitoring services that connect patients threatened by cardiac arrhythmias. Using insights to create revolutionary monitoring technologies, this tech-enabled, service-based approach can ultimately reduce the cost of care and improve health outcomes. The Preventice wearable portfolio includes the PatientCare Platform and BodyGuardianŽ family of monitors. For more information please visit .