DevOps Services

Bittium provides DevOps services for companies that are seeking to increase the speed, quality and transparency of their own product development.

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Bittium's DevOps Services

Bittium designs world class connectivity solutions by utilizing DevOps methods. Bittium's unique value is DevOps for Embedded Software Development Systems.

DevOps is a modern way of working that combines different organizations, cultures, processes, and tools across the entire software delivery lifecycle in order to increase the efficiency of software development. In practice, it means automating the product development to the highest degree possible and cross boundary cooperation across different operational areas for reaching the set objectives. The DevOps development is conducted by utilizing agile software development methods like Agile, Lean and SAFe.

Bittium's DevOps Services are based on delivering quality through high utilization of open source automation tools. An individual software designer gets almost instant feedback of the functionality of his code and when the project proceeds, the management and project managers get real-time information of the maturity level and the associated costs. After the software release, the customer's software support team is able to continue the development directly with the designer without intermediaries. New updates and features can be completed quickly and efficiently.  

Bittium offers consultancy for end-to-end solutions which cover all stakeholders from requirement managers to software developers through operative personnel back to top management. Bittium´s DevOps method is suitable for both small and large scale software development projects.

Bittium can provide this solution using the customer's existing system or commercial cloud services and maintain it as a service.

Why to choose Bittium as DevOps Partner:

  • Bittium is a trusted Nordic R&D Service Partner with over 30 years of experience in the high-technology sector and maintains a strong balance sheet
  • Deep embedded DevOps knowledge including software and hardware
  • 10 years of expertise in Lean and Agile cultures
  • Extensive track record of building modern tools and tool chains which enable the DevOps from the SW/HW development level to reporting to the top management of a client
  • Continuous improvement experience of large-scale agile approaches
  • Bittium is certified with the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AQAP 2110 ed.3, and ISO 13485 (coming in August 2017)