Bittium Tough VoIP Field Phone™

Voice over IP client for tactical IP based communications.

Rugged Tactical VoIP Client

Bittium Tough VoIP Field Phone is a tactical Voice over IP (VoIP) phone for advanced military communications. It can be easily integrated into customer's existing or future tactical communication IP infrastructure, both wireless and wired. The phone is SIP VoIP client that provides interoperability with other SIP clients and server implementations available in the defense market.

Bittium Tough VoIP Field Phone incorporates functionality that enables introduction of VoIP services in dynamic self-forming networks without servers. Bittium Tough VoIP Field Phone provides ease of use and reliability of voice services in all circumstances – with minimal bandwidth utilization. It can use military field wire for SHDSL IP connections up to 5.696 Mbps bitrate allowing extension of LAN for several kilometres.


Voice services over IP capable data radios and links

Rapid field communications

Independent operation without SIP server in tactical mode

No service requiring parts

High bitrate IP connectivity over military field wire

Configurable Dual PTT allowing remote control of RoIP

Applications & Installations

Infantry communications

Vehicular and weapon platforms

Naval applications


Command posts


Service depots

Field hospitals



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