System & Architecture Design

Bittium has strong experience as an R&D service provider in flexible and tailored system design for diverse industries.


Bittium has strong experience as an R&D service provider in flexible and tailored system design for diverse industries. Our system design services offer use case handling, requirement mapping and solution alternatives for customers. System solution typically includes overall system architecture together with more thorough analysis and scheme for performance and security.

System Design

System design is tool to transfer the customer expectations to the use cases, requirements and solution alternatives. Our flexible and customer oriented system design ensures smooth end-to-end operation and excellent user experience with required performance. Our system design extends also to operations outside of the system main functions including system control, system upgrade, device management, maintenance, system testing, freedom to operate, scalability and production support.

Architecture Design

Architecture design is our tool to provide optimal and requirement fulfilling architecture for the system. In the system architecture design process we define the architecture alternatives for the customer review with pros and cons. We select the system architecture with the customer. Selected architecture is then distributed to sub-systems, modules, interfaces, run states, transitions and control and data flows.

Performance Design

Performance design is a tool to provide customer with an early analysis of the capabilities of different system scenarios and a performance optimization strategy. In system performance design process we typically define the power management optimization where state of the art power consumption is reached with the used system architecture. Other typical areas for the performance design are communication, wake-up scheme and production testing optimization.

Security Design

Security design is a tool to provide a system or sub-system wide security solution depending on the project scope covering both hardware and software layers. In system security design process we start with threat analysis to identify different threats to the system security and continue with different threat mitigations and recommendations, integrity planning and availability blueprint. Security solution is defined for the customer according to the security demands. Bittium has a proven track record to provide officially verified security solutions.

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