Mechanics Design 

Bittium has strong experience in designing mechanics for diverse industries as an R&D service.


Bittium has strong experience in designing mechanics for diverse industries as an R&D service. Our mechanics design services offer tailored solutions for unique customer requirements.

Product Concepting

Turning customer’s idea to product is started with a product concept. Requirements are collected and analyzed, and initial mechanics construction is created in iterative process with industrial design. Product concept is a cornerstone of further detailed development, as appearance, size and functions are determined.

Design Analysis

Design analysis tools are used for stress, strength and thermal simulations, mold flow and ingress protection analysis (Finite Element Analysis), to optimize and validate mechanics design, and to reduce development schedule and the number of costly physical prototypes and experiments in product development.

Product Development, Mechanics

Throughout the product development process, product concept is transformed to final product in close co-operation with customer and other Bittium R&D areas, by utilizing best from the market design tools and methods. This is the key element of successful integration of complex design within the agreed schedule.

Manufacturing Support

Bittium mechanics designers support vendors (FOT = First Out of Tool) and factories on-site through product development to production readiness (NPI = New Product Introduction). Experienced designers have know-how on different manufacturing technologies to select suitable methods and to optimize processes.

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