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Bittium's DevOps approach for improved efficiency, quality, and culture in software development.

Improve Your Business with DevOps

DevOps is a modern way of working that combines different organizations, cultures, processes, and tools across the entire software delivery lifecycle. DevOps enables deploying new features faster and increases the predictability and quality of software development.

In practice, DevOps means automating the software development to the highest degree possible and bringing different organizational teams closer together to increase cooperation and productivity. DevOps is conducted by utilizing open-source automation tools and agile software development methods, such as Agile, Lean and Scrum. 

We utilize DevOps in all our world-class development projects, both customer and internal R&D projects, which is why we have gained first-hand experience and knowledge of the best possible DevOps approaches. We can also offer our customers full DevOps consulting services that will help them to improve their business in a quick and sustainable way.


Transform Software Development
From a Jigsaw Puzzle to a Race Car

Our DevOps Approach

Start your DevOps journey with Bittium to improve your business' efficiency and software quality, save costs, and increase value and customer loyalty.

Our DevOps expertise covers the full DevOps lifecycle from technical aspects, such as DevOps initial setup, configuration, pipeline automatization, ChatOps, deployment, monitoring, scaling, and maintenance, to open ended themes, such as Agile team management and reliability engineering.

Bittium's unique value is DevOps for embedded software systems and security in software. We have deep embedded DevOps knowledge and design world-class solutions by utilizing DevOps methods. Our DevOps practices are based on delivering quality through high utilization of open source automation tools and are always built with security considerations as one of the guiding design principles.

What We Offer

We use DevOps in projects to ensure faster deployment, better quality, and more predictable development rate. We have bridged together our development and operations to improve our value stream with increased transparency and communication in our development projects. This has led to higher productivity and cooperation. 

Bittium also offers DevOps consulting as a separate service which covers all stakeholders from product managers to software developers through operative personnel back to top management. Our DevOps method is suitable for both small and large scale software development projects. We can provide our DevOps approach using the customer’s existing system or commercial cloud services and maintain it as a service.

Highlights of Know-How


1) Know-how of harmonized development environments using Gitlab or Jenkins Gerrit
2) Battletested templates and examples of working DevOps pipelines
3) Expertise and adaptation of embedded or systems solutions to DevOps 

Benefits of Bittium's DevOps Approach


Keep up with business needs, gain competitive advantage and delight your customers by delivering high-quality software faster than ever before.

Value Creation

Save time and keep your focus on the things that will actually improve your business by using the right tools and automating verification and process handover points.


Stay on budget by maintaining a predictable and consistent development rate. Gain better understanding of your development processes and predict problems before they end up in the production.

Cross-Boundary Cooperation

Increase productivity and cooperation by sharing assets beyond project boundaries and removing communication barriers between different organizational teams.

Distributed Teams

Support distributed teams and improve their cooperation by providing them with an easy access to shared resources. Create consistent workflows. 

Management & Administration

Make management easier by providing real-time information of the project's maturity and associated costs. Enable instant feedback and manage permissions centrally to save time and improve efficiency.

Increase Throughput, Decrease Cycle Time

Our DevOps Consulting Process


Analysis of the current situation and customer specific goals.

Outcome: Recommendations to improve the development cycle.


Fine-tune current or build up new.

Outcome: Improved system, tools, practices and processes from Bittium specialists.


Operate with the new model.

Outcome: High operability with Bittium DevOps developers.


Maintain the whole cycle.

Outcome: Full-scale maintenance from Bittium DevOps developers.

Success Story


Due to the nature of our business and the customer contracts most of our customer names can't be listed as public references.

Why Choose Bittium as Your DevOps Partner?

Experienced & Trusted Partner

Bittium is a trusted Nordic R&D Service partner with over 35 years of experience in the high-technology sector and maintains a strong balance sheet.

Embedded DevOps Expertise

Deep embedded DevOps knowledge including software and hardware.

Lean & Agile Know-How

15 years of expertise in Lean and Agile cultures.

Modern Tools & Toolchains

Extensive track record of building modern tools and toolchains which enable the DevOps from the SW/HW development level to reporting to the top management of a client.

Large-Scale & Secure Approach

Continuous improvement experience of large-scale agile approaches. Always working with security considerations as one of the guiding design principles.

Certified Expertise

Bittium is certified with the following Quality, Environmental Management and Information Security Management standards: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, AQAP 2110 ed.3, ISO 27001, and ISO 13485.