R&D Services

As a world-class R&D Services provider, Bittium can help your business thrive. We can help at every stage, from technology consulting and concept strategy, to turnkey product and service development.

By sharing ideas, innovation and experience we can together create something completely new and revolutionary to achieve your goals - and far beyond.


R&D Services for Connected Vehicles

Bittium provides R&D Services for Automotive manufacturers, helping them to create state-of-the-art automotive systems with comprehensive expertise including Android, RTOS and Linux platforms with option also for hardware, radio and mechanics design. Our over 35 years of experience working in demanding environments with certified systems allow our customers to enjoy the fruits of the latest technology know-how.

R&D Services for Healthcare & Medical

Bittium works with leading healthcare & medical technology companies as a trusted R&D Service partner for all stages of the care continuum. We deliver cutting-edge products and innovative design & advanced engineering services allowing critical technology transformation.

R&D Services for IoT

Pioneering in the wireless industry since its inception, we can honestly say that we have been working in the IoT arena before IoT was defined. We work in strong collaboration with our customers in turning their ideas to reality. Our experts adapt to the specific needs of your solution, match the right expertise for your needs and together we will develop world-class IoT connectivity solutions that serve real-world users and environments.

R&D Services for Mobile Devices

Leave the handset development to us and focus your resources on your core business. With over 35 years of experience and over 100 handset development projects, from sub-system development and integration to full turnkey, Bittium is able to turn challenging technologies into new exciting products and user experiences.

R&D Services for Semiconductors

Bittium has long-term relationships with semiconductor and chipset vendors in the areas of Telecom and IoT. Almost 30 years of cooperation covers joint projects in hardware and software development for productization services in several customer projects as well as in Bittium’s own products.

R&D Services for Telecom

The increasing amount of data also results in increasing needs for data transfer capacity. Bittium provides OEM´s professional R&D services and technology expertise in wireless device and base station development with the latest technology knowhow in the wireless domain.

R&D Services for Wearables

Bittium is your trusted engineering partner in developing innovative, high-quality, and reliable wearable devices. Our extensive experience from developing wearables for different use cases can help at every stage, from technology consulting and concept strategy to turnkey product development. With us, you are able to bring the new device to the market as planned.

We have over 35 years of experience in R&D services, with an extensive track record in wireless technologies and engineering, implementing, verifying and managing the development of innovative, purpose-built wireless devices which meet customer-specific needs.

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