COVID-19: Bittium Faros Echoes Its Name as a Cardiac Lighthouse Through Mail ECG Service

COVID-19: Bittium Faros Echoes Its Name as a Cardiac Lighthouse Through Mail ECG Service

12.6.2020 | Author: Isaac Adaam, Sales Manager, Bittium

The name Faros is an inspiration from the Lighthouse (Pharos) of Alexandria built by the Ptolemaic Kingdom. One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, for many centuries it was one of the tallest man-made structures in the world. The name "Faros" was coined just as the original Pharos to denote a lighthouse that gives direction to ships. Bittium Faros™ sailing themed nomenclature connotes a similar mindset; albeit applicable in the field of cardiac arrhythmia diagnostics. A reason why the Bittium Cardiac solutions adopt names like Faros (ECG device), Cardiac Navigator™ (Holter software) and Cardiac Explorer™ (Event monitoring software). The connecting story is that the Bittium Faros series serves as a "cardiac lighthouse" directing cardiologists to the right diagnosis. This has been a driving force among users of the Bittium Faros series of cardiac devices and solutions.


Citadel of Qaitbay; erected on the exact site of the famous Lighthouse of Alexandria

Customer Ingenuity Powered by Bittium Faros

The on-set of COVID-19 brought untold challenges. A need to practice social distancing and remote working required that healthcare professionals needed to rethink how they executed their tasks. For those in cardiac diagnostics sector where applying ECG devices in most cases required personal contact, a lot of these planned diagnoses had to be postponed. Our partner in the UK, Technomed Limited (operating as ECG On-demand) for example, explains that “Pre-COVID-19, waiting times for Holter monitoring of several months were not uncommon and in some UK regions, they extended to over a year. Post-COVID-19, the situation has deteriorated dramatically with the majority of cardiology hospital outpatient appointments cancelled or postponed due to the transfer of cardiac physiology staff to intensive care".


Bittium Faros mounting options

Thanks to the ingenuity of our customers and the unique features and user-friendliness of Bittium Faros, cardiac service providers have started mailing deliveries for Holter ECG services. This new COVID-19 induced solution means that patients requiring ECG diagnosis are allowed to do so without compromising the social distancing rules and equally minimizing exposure to the virus. Sanitised Bittium Faros devices are sent via a mail-order system with clear and simple instructions; in some cases, support can be provided via telephone or video calls. At the end of the recording, the device is collected for data retrieval and analysis. Subsequently, the final report is delivered electronically. Apart from those in the clinical sector, some cardiac research institutions are also using a similar approach to continue their cardiac research efforts during the pandemic period.

Reaching Out To Global Markets

There are already examples of this use case in Europe, Africa and the US; expectedly, this service should extend to other parts of the globe as we continue to battle and win the collective fight against COVID-19. Technomed believes that now is not the time to halt Holters and which is why they mobilized their service offering to include Holter monitors by courier to keep patient visits to the hospital or surgery to a minimum. Our partner in South Africa, Vertice Diagnostics, are of a similar opinion and have also commenced "a Holter by mail" service. Pilot studies will soon commence exploring the possibility of integrating the Bittium HolterPlus™ remote monitoring solution for a seamless and automatic transfer via a mobile device of recorded ECG data, patient symptoms, medications, sleep ratings and activity levels during an ECG assessment. 

The future regarding COVID-19 remains unclear for now, but there are strong suggestions that remote monitoring and the impact of social distancing will persist for some time. In any case, we should all aspire to contribute in the small way we can; Bittium Faros has echoed its name, as a "cardiac lighthouse" through a mail delivery service during these tough times. But more importantly, special thanks goes to all the frontline workers and healthcare professional for their immense contributions. To our partners and research institutions, thank you for the courage and foresight.

Isaac Adaam, Sales Manager, Bittium

Isaac currently spearheads Bittium’s medical sales efforts in the Middle-East and African markets. Since joining Bittium in 2018, Isaac strives to use his experiences and network to increase market penetration and visibility of Bittium medical device portfolio in these markets. He is passionate about creating exciting customer experiences for partners and customers that come into contact with Bittium’s products.

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