Tactical SDR

Software Defined Radios and systems that bring outstanding performance for your tactical communications.

Take Tactical Communications to the Next Level

The digitalization of battlefield and a wide variety of operations with modern command and control (C2) applications, sensors and real time situation awareness have set an increasing need for high-data-rate and mobile networks in tactical use. Best connectivity and throughput can be achieved with Bittium's Software Defined Radios and systems. 

The benefits include e.g. the flexibility to operate in different frequency bands and network structures, which provides cost effectiveness, ease of use and efficiency compared to existing tactical networks. Being based on SDR make the products and systems versatile, upgradeable and easy to adapt. 


High-Performance Stand-Alone Wireless Broadband Network

With the Software Defined Radio based Bittium Tactical Wireless IP Network (TAC WIN) system battlegroups can create high-data-rate wireless IP networks as backbone to support battlefield command and control.

Connectivity for Combat Vehicles

The two-channel Software Defined tactical radio can be used to bring broadband data and voice to mobile troops starting from brigade level and across the battlefield. The radio can be used to extend the Bittium TAC WIN network to lower echelons of the battlefield. The radio can be included with an optional LTE module for connecting also to commercial LTE networks.

Narrowband and Broadband Connectivity for Dismounted Soldiers

The Software Defined tactical handheld radio is meant for individual soldiers, such as squad or platoon leader. It provides a uniquely wide frequency range (30-2500MHz) across several frequency bands. The radio is compatible with the Bittium TAC WIN network and Bittium Tough SDR Vehicular radio and uses the same waveforms to create one tactical network across the battlefield.


Platform for C2 applications


No bottlenecks


Seamless network operation

Optimized routing