Tactical Device Management™

Easy and secure management of tactical devices prior, during, and after deployment

Sovereign Control and Ownership over Tactical Devices

Bittium Tactical Device Management™ (TDM) is a secure, advanced and easy-to-use management system for Bittium's tactical communication devices, including at the first stage Bittium Tough SDR™ radios.

The main features of the management system are divided into two categories: Installation and Operation.  With these features quick and effective deployment and successful operation are made possible and the chain of security is sustained.


Installation System

Easily initialize and prepare the radios for missions with TDM Installation System.

It enables commissioning of new devices, software installation and updates, device configuration and key management, as well as management of devices returning from service and requiring recommissioning and/ or SW installation or reconfiguration. 

  • Commissioning
  • SW updating
  • Key management
  • Device configuration

Operation System

Manage the radios effectively during operations with TDM Operation System.

It enables monitoring and managing of the commissioned devices, as well as controlling the devices while in operational use.

  • Remote monitoring
  • Remote controlling



Sustains the chain of security by
minimizing the possibility of human errors and by preventing the possibility of security breaches

Efficient and Easy

Effiecient and easy management
of tactical devices prior, during and after deployment


Device fleets of virtually any size can be managed and support for device groups assures easy device management for large device fleets.

Supported Products

Bittium Tactical Management Suite™

Bittium Tactical Management Suite, including Bittium Tactical Device Management and Bittium Tactical Network Management™, is the perfect solution for sovereign management of tactical devices and networks.