Secure Remote Access for Care Workers

Today´s healthcare sector is facing increased pressure to improve patient care with ever diminishing resources. It is clear that to achieve this goal the efficiency of every care worker needs to be improved. An increasing trend within healthcare organizations is to provide quality care in the home rather than in hospitals or medical centers which can lead to reduced hospital admissions among other benefits.  In order to provide good home care the community care worker must have access to patient records and other back office services. Providing community care workers with technology such as laptops and tablets with remote access is seen as a key enabler.

This raises the question, how do you provide community care workers with technology that is both easy to use and sufficiently secure? Complicated logon procedures involving manual tokens, patchy cellular network coverage and frequent re-authentications due to network glitches can frustrate the most tolerant care worker. Introducing mobile technology in the care process often requires a culture change. A solution that is too complex to use often leads to a lack of adoption by care workers, who prefer to stick to their existing methods rather than embrace the new mobile working practices. The end result is that the anticipated benefits are not realized. So what is the answer?

With a long experience within the healthcare IT sector, Bittium understands that providing a simple user experience and rock solid security are critical factors in the success of mobile healthcare projects.  The Bittium SafeMove® Mobile VPN solution helps healthcare organisations overcome the identified challenges and improve the efficiency of community care workers by simplifying secure remote access to critical clinical systems.

Simple User Experience and Rock Solid Security

SafeMove® removes the complexity and frustration of mobile working by:

Connecting the device securely to the office network and domain automatically using standard protocols and encryption when the device is switched on.

Automatically choosing the best available network at all times from a cost or speed perspective, be it cellular, WiFi or Ethernet.

Allowing secure use of all available networks such as home Wi-Fi, public Wi-Fi hotspots and guest networks.

Maintaining a secure persistent connection over the best available network and seamlessly moving between networks as needed.

Reliably handling intermittent connections ensuring that on-going work is not lost during network outages.

Persisting the VPN session as the device is put into standby.

Care workers can bring a full library of information with them to where it is needed most, that is, wherever the patient is.

Bittium SafeMove® helps community care workers to use existing desktop applications such as patient record systems, email and collaboration tools in a mobile capacity. In fact, it allows full access to all vital organisational information systems that are available when in the office. Care workers can bring a full library of information with them to where it is needed most, that is, wherever the patient is.

With Bittium SafeMove®, community care workers and other health care professionals do not have to worry about the complexities associated with mobile devices, networks and security.  They are connected, their information is safe and they can focus on their work, whether it is remote consulting, patient rounds, home care or emergency response etc.

In the UK, Bittium SafeMove® is tested and proven for use with the NHS smart card and NHS applications such as SystmOne Electronic Patient Record and NHS Mail.

“Bittium SafeMove® has been a significant improvement in efficiency and has been well received by clinical and corporate staff alike.”

Jim Dalton, Technical Projects Manager, The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust