Bittium Secure Call™ - For Encrypted Communication

Bittium Secure Call™ for encrypted end-to-end communication.

Application for Encrypted
End-to-End Communication

Bittium Secure Call™ is a secure voice, video and messaging application with end-to-end encryption. The communication application is designed for enterprise, government and other professional users with stringent information security needs.

The Bittium Secure Call communication application covers end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls, group calls, messages with attachments (picture, voice memo, video, contacts, voice messages), group messaging and a feature that destroys messages after a predefined time.

The application supports deployment in commercial and private networks with no dependency on public Internet or cloud services. It can be deployed and fully managed by the user organization. Bittium Secure Call can be complemented with Bittium Secure Suite™ to offer device security management and the use of an additional VPN layer to provide dual encryption for secure communication.

No dependency on public Internet or cloud services.

Secure Communication on Android and Windows Platforms


Governmental grade security

Windows Desktop Client

  • A Windows client can be linked to an existing Android client.
  • Useful in Tactical Operations Center or Control Room use cases.
  • Messages appear both in the Android app and the desktop client.
  • Both clients ring for incoming calls, and can be answered by either client.
  • Supports printing messages and conversations.

Information is not passed on to third parties.

Centralized Contact Directory

  • The app can use an online, centralized contact directory managed by Bittium Secure Call and the organization.
  • For security, the contact directory visibility can be centrally managed.

Privacy Protection

  • Information is not passed on to third parties
  • Separate passkey can be configured for the application
  • Screen capture prevention

Stand-alone Hosting

  • Bittium Secure Call can be installed in customer premises.
  • Perfect communication solution for private networks.

Enhanced Features with Bittium Tough Mobile 2

  • Hardware backed key storage for all Bittium Secure Call content and keys on Bittium Tough Mobile
  • Supports the physical PTT button on Bittium Tough Mobile for Push-to-talk voice messaging

Scalable Server Infrastructure

  • Server federation for multiple server solutions
  • Fulfills use case where different units/organizations must have own servers but users must be able to call between units/organizations

Governmental Grade Security

  • Achieved when using Bittium Secure Suite and Bittium Tough Mobile 2 hardware based security


Open/close section Do you support other than Windows on the desktop/laptop?

Currently only Windows is supported.

Open/close section Can I switch an ongoing call from a device to another (linked) device?

No, switching an ongoing call from a device to another is not supported because of the end-to-end encryption.

Open/close section Can I edit a message that I sent?

No, you can not edit a message you have sent but you are able to withdraw a message for a short while after sending.

Open/close section Do you support sending and receiving SMS/MMS with Bittium Secure Call application?

No, we want to keep it clear to the user that all communication in Bittium Secure Call is end-to-end encrypted.


Open/close section Are you planning for security approvals for Bittium Secure Call?

These are considered based on customer needs. We currently have security approvals for Bittium Tough Mobile and Bittium Secure Suite/SafeMove and those provide a secure operational environment Bittium Secure Call and other applications.

Open/close section Can I use Bittium Secure Call separately from other Bittium products?

Bittium Secure Call works also on other Android devices, as well as Windows clients. However, in order to have a complete, certified mobile security solution, we recommend using Bittium Secure Call with Bittium Tough Mobile smartphones and Bittium Secure Suite backend system.