R&D Services for Mobile Devices

Turnkey smartphone development, including product variant development & customizations

Partner With Specialized Know-How

Leave the handset development to us and focus your resources on your core business. With over 35 years of experience and over 100 handset development projects, from sub-system development and integration to full turnkey, Bittium is able to turn challenging technologies into new exciting products and user experiences. We know what is required to create secure solutions without jeopardizing the usability, long lifetime/cycle and lightweight, power-optimized small form factor.


From a Concept to a Complete Product

We work on your platform and UI of choice. If needed, Bittium can also integrate Bittium IP components and/or 3rd party IP components based on your requirements. Project scope can range from a concept prototype to a partial development project or to a complete and fully validated type-approved device. We will take care of all the needed certifications and approvals for the product.

We work with Android and Linux, and are familiar with all major wireless chipset platforms. We also have our own product for device management to assure a fully secure solution.

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Jari Inget
Head of R&D Services, Connectivity Solutions

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Device Project and Capability Examples

Turnkey smartphone development, including product variant development & customizations

Know-how and capability to combine 3GPP, Land Mobile Radio (LMR), TETRA, Mobile Satellite Services (MSS), Cognitive Radio Technologies

Software and hardware development, integration and testing including certifications and operator approvals

Complex and high-performance antennas and antenna arrays

Special devices for security and public safety use

Power-optimized device solutions

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