R&D Services for Healthcare and Medical 

ISO 13485 Certified Healthcare & Medical Partner for All Stages of the Care Continuum.


Bittium works with leading healthcare & medical technology companies as a trusted partner for all stages of the care continuum. We deliver cutting-edge products and innovative design & advanced engineering services allowing critical technology transformation.

Comprehensive Expertise

Bittium experts adapt to the specific needs of your solution, match the right expertise for your needs and together we will discover connected products and services that serve real-world users and environments. Our specialists bring you comprehensive experience from secure end-to-end solutions development, and can help at every stage, taking projects from  an idea up to mass volume markets.

Bittium has over 30 years of experience in delivering turnkey solutions in global regulated environments. Partner with us to accelerate your development of emerging business models, most vital medical devices and health solutions. We use our strong global partner network for getting new solutions to market with optimized structure, cost and time.

Wireless Medical Sensors & Wearable Devices

The number of connected solutions in healthcare is rising fast in the next decade. Wearable devices and skin-contact sensors need to be safe and comfortable for the patient, while also enabling new innovations through secure wireless communication, edge-computing, ultra-low power technologies and tiny sensor solutions. 

Build genuine user value and competitive advantage with Bittium wearable technology specialists. We bring deep cross-industry experience into projects, helping teams capture essential questions and understand the early-stage product decisions that impact production and mass-scale operations.

Medical Devices & Monitoring Solutions

Complexity is increasing in the medical technology environment. Technology and connectivity can help streamline connected workflows, capture data and identify ways to automate operations. Bittium adapts over 30-year design and technology expertise to determine world-class medical solutions and help innovations navigate through critical design decisions, quality planning, regulatory compliancy,  development and deployment.

Technology and connectivity innovations enable new ways of managing fleets of devices, delivering over-the-air updates, expand network to new areas on-the-go, and more. Bittium's vast project expertise allows you to establish secure and reliable connectivity solutions to any environment - hospital, ambulatory or home environments.

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