Electronics Design

Bittium has extensive experience in designing analog, digital and mixed signal hardware.


Bittium has extensive experience in designing analog, digital and mixed signal hardware. Our designs range from battery operated, ultra-low power wearables, medical and IoT-devices to high power base stations, tactical routers and radio heads. Our daily work is always aiming towards the product's Design for Excellence (DFx) including Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Design for Assembly (DFA) and Design for Testing (DFT).

Embedded Systems

Microcontrollers, application processors, FPGAs, DSPs or multiprocessor SOCs are a part of almost all hardware designs from simple sensor devices to multiprocessor systems. Bittium has strong knowledge in designing hardware to embedded systems and we are familiar with most of the major vendors' solutions and platforms.

Power Supplies

Power supply design and energy management are key competences required in modern electronics. Bittium has vast knowledge in designing linear and switch-mode power supplies ranging from microwatts to hundreds of watts. Our strong competence in power system optimization gives us a competitive edge in designing high and low power devices.

Design work focus is in passing relevant type approvals including the harshest military requirements supported by in-house test laboratories. 

PCB Layout Design

Bittium expertise covers rigid PCB, FPC and rigid flex designs. In applications requiring small form factor,  for example mobile phone and IoT products, the design is typically very dense and high density any layer HDI technology is utilized. At the other end, large scale applications such as base station having 25 gigabit digital links including high power, high frequency RF and mixed signal designs requires PCB structure up to 24 layers.

Design Tools

Bittium has extensive experience in using industry leading design tools from Mentor Graphics, for example. Bittium can also offer design services with several customer specific design tools including Altium, Zuken and Allegro. Additionally, we use simulation tools like HyperLynx, CST Microwave Studio and Spice for PCB, antenna and mixed signal design flow.

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