Digitalization Services

Bittium provides Digitalization Services for companies desiring to create new products, processes and services or increase the efficiency and quality of their existing ones.


Today's accelerating digitization is requiring more and more digitized measurements with IoT hardware solutions and improved digitalized processes by software robotic process automation solutions. Advanced data analytics and AI are key technologies in creating additional value by processing created massive data sets. Companies that use AI to gain insight from data and deploy automation with RPA can realize substantial performance gains and new business innovations. Bittium provides Digitalization Services for companies desiring to create new products, processes and services or increase the efficiency and quality of their existing ones.

In practice, applying data analytics, AI and RPA to a new task means defining the process, transforming data and defining models that are suitable for the task. Data visualizations and automation then allow intelligent decision making and automating operations based on the data. Bittium offers data analytics and AI services in its own products, as a component in its service offering and as a custom service.

Pyramid of Digital Business

Intelligent Systems Driven Business
Pyramid of Digital Business
Intelligent systems are the future of business. With machine learning machines are able to learn from input data only and with far more accuracy than humans.

Data Driven Business
Real time analytics enables you to react to situations and predict trends using monitoring, visualizations and dashboards. 

Data Foundry
Building digital business starts with physical and digital platforms.

Secure DevOps

SecDevOps is a modern way of working that combines different organizations, cultures, processes, and tools across the entire software delivery lifecycle in order to increase the efficiency of software development with security considerations as one of the guiding design principles. In practice, it means automating the product development to the highest degree possible and cross boundary cooperation across different operational areas for reaching the set objectives with high security.

Secure DevOpsThe SecDevOps development is conducted by utilizing agile software development methods like Agile, Lean and SAFe with high utilization of open source automation tools with security considered. Data produced by the Secure DevOps solutions can be analyzed and made actionable with our Data Driven Business solutions to better understand your process and predict problems, before they become a problem.

An individual software designer gets almost instant feedback of the functionality of his code and when the project proceeds, the management and project managers get real-time information of the maturity level and the associated costs. After the software release, the customer's software support team is able to continue the development directly with the designer without intermediaries. New updates and features can be completed quickly and efficiently. 

Bittium offers consultancy for end-to-end solutions which cover all stakeholders from requirement managers to software developers through operative personnel back to top management. Bittium´s DevOps method is suitable for both small and large scale software development projects.

Bittium can provide this solution using the customer's existing system or commercial cloud services and maintain it as a service.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging technology aimed at streamlining business processes. By automating your workflows you minimize human errors and improve quality, and allow your employees to focus on higher value work.

Automation is made possible via a software robot, called Bot, which can work autonomously 24/7/365. The bots use the Graphical User Interface (GUI) to capture information from various sources and orchestrate applications to process the data. Bots are designed and developed for a particular task and all of the Bot’s actions can be logged and traced. Automation brings value for example in cases where large amount of data is transferred between different systems.

Bittium RPA Services

Bittium RPA Robotic Process Automation Services BitnatorBittium’s RPA solution, Bitnator, is based on its own secure platform. It is scalable and easily integrated to existing systems. It has been developed using secure policies from the security architecture level to single bot development. Network and data traffic is secured by standard-based Bittium SafeMove® software. Bitnator framework enables fast and more flexible code-based Bot development. With Bitnator Control Tower users can easily manage Bots and see logs of the runs. The utilization of code in Bot development makes the solution more efficient in handling massive amounts of data.

In practice, the Bot is created in close co-operation with the customer, for example by capturing it on video. The Bot is created based on the process and installed for execution. If needed, process improvement actions can be run in parallel with Bot development. Bittium RPA Solutions enable significant improvements in profitability and customer’s operational quality due to the full traceability and minimization of human errors in R&D processes.

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