Bittium Specialized Device Platform

Custom made LTE smartphones and tablets


The Bittium Specialized Device Platform, based on the Android operating system, is targeted to Public Safety, Cybersecurity, Mobile Satellite and other professional vertical markets. The platform enables the customization of unique, purpose built smartphones or tablets (or products) with a low development cost and short time-to-market. The Bittium platform gives fast access to latest commercial device technology, such as LTE and new Android releases, ensuring the most advanced end-user experiences.

Enables customers in professional markets such as public safety and security to roll-out customized mobile devices that meet specific industry functional or performance requirements - faster and with lower development risks and costs.

The highest value of the platform comes from its scalability and versatile feature set, performance, industrialization options, and extended product life cycle. The platform gives our customers the ability to bring smartphones and tablets – or other form factor devices - to market faster with lower development costs.

The Bittium Specialized Device Platform allows our customers to:

  • Accelerate ROI by being able to bring to market devices fast and with a feature set exactly meeting customer needs.

  • Leverage the cost advantages due to the economy of scale in the cellular market.

  • Allow easy implementation of customer and application specific requirements.

  • Lower the development cost.

  • Shorten the development schedule.

  • Reduce development risk.

The platform consists of form factor hardware that is tailored to customer requirements. Current form factor has Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, a high resolution touch-screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, LTE (including Band 14), 3G and 2G modems. Further options are highlighted below. The platform has pre-integrated and certified components that are commonly found in today's consumer smartphone devices.

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