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Trusted Partner in 5G and Radio Development

Bittium is your trusted R&D partner for 5G radio development. Our capability to develop complete base stations is unique, including RF and other hardware, FPGA, software and the required system integration, verification and validation. Our capabilities include developing also virtualized software running on standard hardware.

Our expertise is based on a proven track record of 35 years in product and solution development for secure network infrastructure and OEMs. We are forerunners in telecom technology development and provide our expertise for open and virtualized RAN development.

Our Value Proposition

World-Class RF & Hardware Design Expertise

Complete Solutions & Integration Services

Extensive Competence in Software & FPGA Design

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"Our highly skilled experts are here to help. We adapt our services to meet the needs of your solution and take pride in delivering what was promised."

Jari Inget
Head of R&D Services

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Over 300 R&D Projects for Radio Elements Throughout Different Mobile Network Generations

World-Class RF & Hardware Design Services

The 5G wide RF operating range, with bands ranging from 400 MHz to the millimeter wavelengths, bring new challenges for RF design including support for massive MIMO. Also, the ever-increasing demand for smaller and energy efficient radios is important from the customer standpoint. Our long and successful track record implementing radios from small form factor base stations (small cells, pico and micro) to macro solutions, makes us an ideal partner for addressing the challenges for 5G radio implementations.

In addition to RF design, we have R&D teams for mechanics, hardware, and software development, providing a complete skill set to develop radios with optimal performance in an environmentally friendly form factor.

Our good long-term relationships with key component and test equipment vendors help to further enhance the development efficiency. Also, we have excellent knowledge of transferring designs into the customer’s own or partner manufacturing sites.

Comprehensive Solutions & Integration Services 

Are you looking for an engineering partner to design and implement the complete system solution? Or a partner to integrate a system with assets from different sources? Are you looking for cloud-based virtualized solutions? We are your trusted partner for improved time-to-market solutions.

We have a diverse skill set covering the entire design process: from design conception, specification, and implementation to verification, integration, and validation for the entire software and hardware system all the way to production. We know the importance of system testing and software optimization when developing reliable telecom products.

Over the years we have joined our forces numerous times with customers to develop and integrate new products through transparent way-of-working. 

Extensive Competence in Software & FPGA Design

We have a proven track record in developing various radio products that are based on either 3GPP standards, including LTE and 5G, or radios with proprietary protocols.

Our R&D teams have excellent know-how on how to implement radios by combining FPGA and HW IP designs with embedded software running on the latest System-on-Chips (SoC). In a typical implementation, there is a need to use multiple operating systems with a hypervisor solution running on the SoC. Seamless co-operation between our hardware and mechanics design teams ensures that system design and product level requirements are mastered also.

In addition to radio product designs, we provide expertise in software solutions such as transport and routing protocols, security, and virtualized applications including RAN operation and maintenance solutions.

From Concept to Complete Solution

Benefits of Choosing Bittium as Your Partner

Over 35 Years of Experience

We have over 35 years of experience in product and solution development for secure network infrastructure and OEM's. As world-class experts in radio and antenna technologies, we can help you practically with any requirement.

Trusted Partnership

We adapt our services to meet the needs of your solution and take pride in delivering what was promised. We respect the confidentiality of our relationship.

Proven Capabilities

In addition to numerous successful customer projects, we have vast experience from developing our own radio products, including the software defined Bittium Tough SDR™ radios for tactical communications.

Certified Services

We work according to the statutory requirements, directives, general standards and frameworks. Information security and reliability are at the core of our business.

Comprehensive Expertise

Our specialists provide you with comprehensive expertise from every stage of product development and can support projects from an idea up to mass volume markets.

Transparent Way of Working

We work in close cooperation with your team and communicate openly. We solve challenges together to achieve the best possible end result.

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