Bittium Secure Suite 

The infrastructure you can trust

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Bittium Secure Suite -
The infrastructure you can trust

The Bittium Secure Suite is the perfect complement to the Tough Mobile smartphone hardware: A device and server side software solution that enables the unique Tough Mobile features through a set of scalable services, designed from the ground up to earn your trust. All services can either be securely hosted by a trusted operator, or be operated under your control on your secure premises, without requiring Internet connectivity or trust in third parties or cloud services.


Bittium Secure Suite overview

Device Management - Manage and control your device fleet efficiently.

Mobile VPN - Secure your network traffic with Bittium SafeMove VPN.

Secure push messaging – Allow your apps to reach your devices without the risks of public clouds.

Remote attestation - Ensure your device integrity by remotely attesting them before granting access to mission critical information.

Enterprise App Library – only make available the applications you approve for your users.

Log server – Collect an undeniable audit trail from your devices and server components.

OTA firmware update – keep up-to-date with latest updates for Bittium Tough Mobile.

Technical specifications

SafeMove Device Management Features

  • Remote policy update (push)
  • SafeMove VPN policy management
  • Remote wipe
  • Remote lock
  • Retrieve device audit log
  • Manage trusted CA certificates
  • Wi-Fi management:
    • SSID configuration
    • Security Policy
    • Credentials
  • Application management
    • List installed software and apps
    • Application whitelisting
    • Install applications

SafeMove Device Policy

  • Device lock password policy:
    • Numerical, alphanumeric, complex
    • Password length
  • Device wipe after failed password entry
  • Device lock timeout
  • Password expiration time
  • Enable/disable:
    • Software from untrusted sources
    • Android Debugging Bridge (ADB)
    • Developer settings
    • Bluetooth
    • Camera
    • MMS send and receive
    • Location services

SafeMove VPN Features

  • IPsec, IKEv2
  • Integrated firewall and IPsec policy
  • Always-on, cannot be bypassed by apps or user.
  • Require successful remote attestation for VPN access.
  • Extensively tested and externally audited code base.


SafeMove VPN Crypto

  • NSA suite B compatible
  • SHA2-512
  • AES-256
  • Elliptic curve cryptography:
    • ECDH groups 19, 20, 21
    • ECDSA certificates
  • RSA keys up to 16k

Secure Push

  • Familiar API, similar to common cloud messaging systems
  • Low power requirements
  • Low latency
  • Low bandwidth
  • Can be hosted on customer premises
  • TLS security and optionally VPN.

Remote Attestation

  • Key hardware and software components integrity checked remotely via TPM (Trusted Platform Module).
  • Integration to VPN access control
  • API for integrating to third party services

Enterprise App Library

  • Managed private application store for providing applications to the device

Firmware Update

  • Automatic fetching of updates
  • Possible to assign updates per device or group
  • Optionally protected by VPN

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