Cardiac Monitoring

Every cardiac abnormality needs to be detected before it can be treated. Whether it is asymptomatic, paroxysmal or post-surgery abnormality, it requires a reliable device with clear and accurate ECG signal.

Cardiac Solutions

Bittium Faros™ - Innovative 4-in-1 Technology

Bittium Faros is a versatile waterproof ECG device that is used for early detection of cardiac abnormalities in everyday life. Bittium Faros is ultra-small and lightweight, which enables precise short and long-term full disclosure ECG measurements for short-term Holter monitoring, long-term Holter monitoring, cardiac event monitoring, mobile cardiac telemetry and assessing autonomic nervous system functions.

Bittium Faros patented mounting options provide extreme flexibility and comfort for ECG monitoring. Measure up to three channel ECG with disposable snap-on electrodes or with the waterproof Bittium OmegaSnap™ wearable patch electrode.

Remote Cardiac Monitoring

The waterproof Bittium Faros™ ECG device enables remote cardiac monitoring by detecting, recording and wirelessly transmitting the full recorded ECG information to the internet.

Bittium HolterPlus™ solution extends the physician’s reach outside of the hospital by remotely monitoring the discharged patient in a home environment. Together with the Bittium MedicalSuite™ remote monitoring service platform, the ECG recordings can be easily managed along with other critical patient information. The patient's ECG recording can be analyzed with Bittium's analyses software by a cardiologist.

Holter Monitoring

The waterproof Bittium Faros device together with waterproof Bittium OmegaSnap patch electrode make the patient's life easier during ECG recordings while still ensuring superior signal quality. Bittium Faros can be used for Short-term (12 to 48 hours) and Long-term Holtering (up to 8 days per battery charge).

Bittium Cardiac Navigator™ - Holter Analysis Software

Bittium Cardiac Navigator is a completely new type of solution for more rhythm centric analysis of clinical Holter ECG recordings. Its user-friendly and informative data presentation and intuitive analysis tools make the software efficient and easy to use when analyzing multiple days of ECG recordings. Bittium Cardiac Navigator is designed for scanning longer measurements efficiently in a shorter time and thus speeding up the final diagnosis.