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Bittium's Artificial Intelligence (AI) Services

Today´s accelerating digitization is creating massive amounts of data. Advanced data analytics and AI are key technologies in creating additional value by processing these massive datasets. Companies that use AI to gain insight from data and deploy automation can realize substantial performance gains and new business innovations. Bittium provides AI Services for companies desiring to create new products, processes and services or increase the efficiency and quality of their existing ones.

In practice, applying data analytics and AI to a new task means transforming data and defining models that are suitable for the task. Data visualizations and automation then allow intelligent decision making and automating operations based on the data. Bittium offers data analytics and AI services in its own products, as a component in its service offering and as a custom service.

Bittium AI services for custom projects include

  • Advisory for understanding data analytics and AI.
  • Consultation for identifying use cases that can deliver additional value with AI and machine learning.
  • Expertise to implement AI solutions to custom tasks.

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Bittium Data Analytics and AI Services complement the Bittium offering

IoT. The value in IoT is not just in the capability to transfer or record data but in the analysis and services that the data enables. AI enabled services in IoT include, for example, predictive maintenance of machinery, analysis of health data from wearable devices and optimizing operations in smart buildings. Bittium AI services supplement Bittium´s IoT offering and enable building end-to-end systems and services that utilize intelligent analysis. Read more

Telecom R&D. The increasing amount of data also results in increasing needs for data transfer capacity. The use of AI and data analytics allow one to analyze and optimize the performance of telecommunication networks and to profile network users to adapt to their changing needs. Bittium offers comprehensive wireless R&D services covering all lifecycle stages of mobile device and network infrastructure development. Read more

DevOps. Bittium provides DevOps services for companies that are seeking to increase the speed, quality and transparency of their own product development. Modern tools and automated testing produce a lot of data which can be analyzed with AI enabled predictive testing. Predictive analysis helps to create trustworthy fast test loops and aims to improve efficiency in finding software errors in the SW components and affected test areas. Read more

Bittium offers data analytics and AI in its own products


Medical Technologies. Bittium has developed world class devices for measuring biosignals. The capability to measure, transfer and store biosignals has enabled Bittium to develop algorithms to automatically identify events from heart measurement data. These AI solutions create value by increasing accuracy and efficiency in diagnosis. Read more


Bittium SafeMove® is the leading software solution for managing and delivering always-on, highly secure and uninterrupted connectivity to devices. Bittium SafeMove Analytics is an intelligent tool for monitoring and analyzing device utilization and the performance of wireless networks. Read more

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