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The most secure smartphone based solution 

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Bittium Tough Mobile C

Bittium Tough Mobile 4G/LTE smartphone combined with Bittium Secure Suite back-end system form Bittium Tough Mobile C, a mobile solution with the highest level of security for processing and transmission of confidential, classified information.

The Android-based Tough Mobile C provides ultimate flexibility for the end-user by providing two operating system profiles (dual-OS). This means that the same device can be used in both "on duty" and "off duty" domains.

Bittium Tough Mobile C is the first smartphone based solution in the world to receive official Confidential level encryption product classification (NSCA-FI).

Bittium Tough Mobile C is designed and manufactured in Finland.

Bittium Tough Mobile C has been shortlisted for "Best Innovation" award at the International Critical Communications Awards.

The award ceremony will be held in conjuction with the Critical Communications World event. The event takes place May 15-17, 2018 in Berlin, Germany.


Complete, secure solution

Bittium Tough Mobile C provides a complete, secure solution that protects communication and confidential and business critical data from unauthordized access.

The secure solution is a combination of:

  • Physical protection of local data on device
  • Data transfer protection
  • Communication protection



Bittium Tough Mobile C has a unique dual-boot functionality that provides two completely separate operating modes for the same device

  • Public: meant for personal use, where e.g. social media applications are freely available (Google Android)
  • Confidential: completely separated from public mode, hardened for secure use, and meant for demanding use cases of authorities and other users requiring high-level of information security (Bittium Secure OS)

This dual-boot functionality enables both personal and professional use with high-level information security with the same device. The user himself can switch between the two different modes. 

For secure access to the Confidential mode, a dual authentication with a password and an NFC security key is used.


NFC security key: YubiKey NEO by Yubico.

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