WCDMA & LTE base station variant development

Bittium offers WCDMA & LTE base station development and frequency variant development services for OEM's globally.

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Bittium WCDMA & LTE Base station Variant development

The number of WCDMA & LTE frequencies multiplies the R&D effort needed to meet market requirements for base stations. With capabilities in full turnkey design, Bittium can assist OEM's to broaden their portfolio with needed variants of WCDMA & LTE base stations, thus shortening the customer's time to market for base station variants dramatically.

Solution overview

The variant development model is based on Bittium's solid track record in product variant designs. It enables OEM's to focus on main technology development at the same time as Bittium manages the development of needed variants for different frequency bands, output power level and form factors. Focusing on development variants enables continuous learning and performance development resulting in short pay back time for R&D investment & increased profit.

Main benefits:

  • Fast response time to customer needs.
  • Quick time to market for WCDMA & LTE base stations variants.
  • Minimizing customers management and development efforts.
  • Transparent Lean and Agile Way of Working (Quality, Reliability, Visibility).
  • Base station competences (Bittium as market leader in outsourced Macro/Small Cell R&D services).

Basic project deliverables are:

  • Feasibility study
  • System and architecture design
  • RF design
  • BB/FPGA design
  • PWB design
  • Mechanical design
  • SW design
  • Test SW design
  • Integration and verification
    • Performance testing
    • Environmental testing
    • Type approval
  • Transfer to production (NPI)
  • Maintenance and customer support