Bittium Tough Mobile™ C -
The most secure smartphone based solution 

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Bittium Tough Mobile™ C

Bittium Tough Mobile 4G/LTE smartphone combined with Bittium Secure Suite back-end system form Bittium Tough Mobile C, a mobile solution with the highest level of security for processing and transmission of confidential, classified information.

The Android-based Tough Mobile C provides ultimate flexibility for the end-user by providing two operating system profiles (dual-OS). This means that the same device can be used in both "on duty" and "off duty" domains.

Bittium Tough Mobile C is the first smartphone based solution in the world to receive official Confidential level encryption product classification (NSCA-FI).

Bittium Tough Mobile C is designed and manufactured in Finland.

Complete secure solution

Bittium Tough Mobile C provides a complete secure solution that protects communication and confidential and business critical data from unauthordized access.

The secure solution is a combination of:

  • Physical protection of local data on device
  • Data transfer protection
  • Communication protection



Bittium Tough Mobile C has a unique dual-boot functionality that provides two completely separate operating modes for the same device

  • Public: meant for personal use, where e.g. social media applications are freely available (Google Android)
  • Confidential: completely separated from public mode, hardened for secure use, and meant for demanding use cases of authorities and other users requiring high-level of information security (Bittium Secure OS)

This dual-boot functionality enables both personal and professional use with high-level information security with the same device. The user himself can switch between the two different modes. 

For secure access to the Confidential mode, a dual authentication with a password and an NFC security key is used.


NFC security key: YubiKey NEO by Yubico.