Bittium Tough VoIP Network Extender

Multi-purpose device combining
network switch and SHDSL modem for extending IP networks on the battlefield.


Through the SHDSL connectivity of the Bittium Tough VoIP Network Extender, a tactical IP network can be extended over long distances using conventional field wire. The Network Extender is not dependent on the availability of network services, such as DHCP, enabling access to voice and data services regardless of the network service status. The Network Exten

Network Extender supports Ethernet transport over single or dual SHDSL channels. The SHDSL interfaces also support enhanced bit rates of G.SHDSL.bis, giving data rates up to 5.69 Mbps for one pair connection and 11.38 Mbps for two pair connection. With the optional battery-tray accessory, the unit can be operated without AC or DC power source for up to 20 hours. The Network Extender also charges the attached battery tray accessory automatically both in ON and OFF states if AC power is available. 


2-in-1 Device

Combines network switch and SHDSL modem in a single rugged device.

Extended IP Network

Extends the IP network over long distances on the battlefield.


Automatically and transparently adapts to available network services.


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